Disaster Science and Management

The Disaster Science and Management program is an interdisciplinary program which provides students interested in emergency management-related careers in the public, not for profit, and private sectors with:

A broad understanding of the nature and impact of disasters on the natural, built and human environments;
A basis for establishing strategies to effectively plan for disasters, mitigate the adverse effects of disasters, respond to disasters, and recover from disasters.
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with Concentration in Disaster Science and Management is currently available at the undergraduate level. A Minor in Disaster Science and Management (DSM) is available at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Minor in Disaster Sciences and Management meets the Education and Training Requirement for the CEM (Certified Emergency Management) and AEM (Associate Emergency Management). See the International Association of Emergency Managers for more information.

The program is housed within the College of Humanities & Social Sciences and is directed by Dr. Barry Keim.

Undergraduate students at LSU have the option of earning a B.A. or B.S. in Geography with a concentration in DSM, or a minor in DSM.  A graduate certificate in DSM is under development.  Please visit the program website for more detailed information.