Student Appeals

Students may appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs when their appeal either pertains to a semester over one year ago or when their appeal has already been denied by their college/school or appropriate unit.  The most frequent types of appeals that are submitted pertain to final grades, academic rules or regulations, or a student’s residence classification.  For more information on student appeals and, specifically, how to begin the appeal process, please contact (225) 578-3141.  Dr. Rebecca Caire handles student appeals for the Office of Academic Affairs and she may be reached at

Please see a detailed description of all appeals processes in the General Catalog here

If you need assistance with the academic appeal process or with other issues related to academic treatment, you are strongly encouraged to contact your college counselor. If you are still unsure on how to proceed and need greater assistance or a resource guide, you may contact  Student Advocacy and Accountability via email at and at phone 225-578-4307.

ATTENTION: LSU cannot discuss a student's academic record with anyone other than the student, unless the student opts to waive his or her rights through a  Family Educational Rights and Family Act (FERPA) Waiver.