Institutional Procedures for Programs that Lead to Certification/Licensure

September 11, 2020

LSU is in full compliance with 34 CFR 668.43 – Institutional Information as of July 1, 2020. This federal regulation concerns notifications to prospective and enrolled students in programs (both online and traditional) that lead to professional licensure and/or certification. Several actions have taken place over the course of CY 2020 to ensure students are made aware of licensure/certification transference among states. These include:

  • Established a website devoted solely to Licensure Disclosures for all the applicable programs at LSU. Licensure information is reviewed and updated on this site in May of each year by the relevant directors of each program.
  • Added Catalog verbiage that instructs students on how to change addresses. The verbiage and instructions on how to change addresses are also included on the Office of the University Registrar website. Students are expected to keep the university informed of their current addresses.

    "Students will be held responsible for communication from any university office sent to the most recent address(es) provided. Changes in address may be made by using myLSU. Physical location is an important factor for student’s enrolled in educational programming at LSU especially in programs that lead directly to certification/licensure. Licensing, certification, and authorization requirements vary by state. Therefore, it is crucial for students to supply the university the address in which they are physically located. If a student relocates during their educational studies, they should contact their program’s advisor and make the applicable change using myLSU."
  • Each departmental website that houses a program that leads to licensure/certification has been updated to include disclosure verbiage for students.
  • The Master Consumer Information website for LSU A&M has been updated to direct interested parties to the Licensure Disclosure website.

The following procedure takes place for prospective and enrolled students in programs that lead to certification/licensure (for those that have made positive, negative, or non-determinations).

Direct Disclosures

  • Before each term starts, each applicable program will send a generalized document stating the positive, negative, or non-determinations to each prospective and current student interested or currently enrolled in the respective program. This generalized document includes the Licensure Disclosure page that directs students to the respective program and disclosure statements along with contact information for further questions.
  • Although program directors will be alerted by the student when a change in physical location occurs, program directors will provide the general notification to all entering students as they admit them into their respective program regardless of where they live.
  • For programs in senior colleges, students go through an additional formal application process to be officially admitted into the major. Each senior college informs the student of their admission acceptance. During this time (during the formal application process), program directors will send the direct disclosure via email to prospective and admitted students.
  • For programs that are in direct admit colleges (Agriculture, Art & Design, and Music & Dramatic Arts), program directors will send direct disclosures via email to prospective students when they are notified of acceptance into the program.
  • If a program changes its determination, all current students will be notified of this change within 14 calendar days.
  • If a student changes their physical location during the course of enrollment, the program director/advisor of the applicable program will advise the student to review the disclosure statement within the departmental website again. This verbiage details whether the state the student is located in accepts the curriculum requirements of the current program or if there is no determination. Students are responsible for changing their address in myLSU and for notifying their program’s advisor/director.