Locker Rentals

Grab a personal locker at UREC to store all your gear. UREC lockers are fully accessible and are in close proximity to the UREC Pools and allow easy access to all activity spaces. Our locker rooms come equipped with:

  • Hand and Swimsuit Dryers
  • Accessible Showers and Bathrooms
  • Vanities
  • Private Showers
  • Infrared Saunas

Plans & Pricing

Policies & Guidelines

  • Any individual wishing to rent a locker must possess a current UREC membership. UREC members must present a valid Tiger Card or UREC membership card at time of purchase.
  • All lockers must be cleared out at the end of each rental period.
  • An email notification will be sent to each member (provided an email address is on file with LSU UREC) one month prior to the expiration date. In addition, expiration notices will be posted on the lockers two weeks in advance of the end of each rental period.
  • All lockers must be renewed or cleared by the semester or annual expiration date. Should you elect not to renew your locker during the renewal period, please remove all locker contents and re-lock your locker with the provided combination. Failure to clear the locker by the stated date will result in UREC staff clearing the locker and assessment of a $10 service fee.
  • All property left in the locker will become the property of LSU University Recreation and will subsequently be donated to charity if not claimed from the main operations desk within 30 days.
  • All lockers are the exclusive property of LSU UREC and as such may, without prior notice, be opened for operational and/or maintenance purposes.