CC&E Student Research


The College of the Coast & Environment offers a wide variety of research opportunities to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Whether they are creating computer models, sampling in Louisiana's coastal wetlands or conducting experiments in a lab, our students work alongside faculty doing groundbreaking research as they build the skills they need for a successful career.


Research Opportunities

There are many ways to get involved in research as an undergraduate, both through CC&E and the university. Here are some of the ways to participate in research. Congratulations to the students who are receiving funding through these entities.

LSU Discover supports student participation in faculty-mentored research. Learn more about the opportunities they provide on their website.

Here is a list of CC&E students currently working on LSU Discover Project Grants.

Name Research Project
Gillian Coleman Potential Effects of SSCTLD on M. Cavernosa
Morgan Coleman Potential Effects of SCSCTLD on M. Cavernosa
Brennan Robertson Studies on Measuring Impulse Noises
Jonathan Russell Are Increasing Global Sea Temperatures Linked to Changing Tropical Cyclone Induced Tornadic distribution along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Coast?
Abby Roche Investigating the Benthic Communities Amongst the Northern Gulf of Mexico’s Hypoxia Ridden Dead Zones


Sea Grant's UROP provides talented undergraduate students interested in pursuing advanced studies in coastal related disciplines by providing funding for hands-on research experience. Learn more on their website.

Students also enrolled in the Ogden Honors College can complete a long-term project under the direction of a faculty member.

View past Honors Theses in the LSU Scholarly Repository

Students who are currently completing an Honors Thesis:

James Anderson
Mia Fraser
Anna Stebbins

There are many opportunities available for students to work in a faculty member's research lab, as a volunteer, for course credit, or in a paid position. If you are interested, you can reach out to an individual faculty member whose research you are interested in, or contact Dr. Giulio Mariotti or Tiffany Treloar to find out about current opportunities.

Here is a list of students currently working in faculty labs at CC&E:

Student Faculty Lab
Ethan Elmer Mariotti
Ian Frick Doering
Nonnie Cook Doering
Christopher Lowrey-Dufour Doering
Sierra Moran Bargu and Snyder
Madison Liotta Bargu
James Anderson White
Lauren Landholm White
Riley Jenkins White
Lizzy Vise Xu
Frank Bussott Hiatt
Carlie Dutile Bui
Stephanie Procopio Bui
Dakota Sievers Bui
Bridget Seghers Polito
Patricia Thibodaux Polito
Madison Seymour Polito
Zaria Frenelle Polito
Calvin Lewis Polito
Noah Perry Polito
Colin Farnsworth Polito
Angelina Hamilton Polito
Delanie Mayeux Polito
Austyn Richard Polito
Nene Fall Polito
Ethan Snead Polito
Patience Sanders Polito
Jessica Wilson Glaspie
Jayden Morgan Miller


Student Research Highlights

CC&E is excited to welcome its newest set of alumni!

Graduate students in the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences, the Department of Environmental Sciences, and undergraduates in the Coastal Environmental Sciences major all shared their current research.

Coastal Environmental Science students Sierra Moran and Betsy Cook took two very different trips to Ghana and Panama over Spring Break.


Past Research Projects