Linda Bui headshotLinda M. Hooper-Bùi

Position: Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences


Bachelor's Degree(s): California State Univ. Long Beach. B.A. Biology. 1991.

Master's Degrees(s): University of California, Riverside. M.S. Entomology 1995.

Ph.D.(s): University of California, Riverside. Ph.D. Entomology 1998.

Biosketch: Biosketch of Linda M. Hooper-Bùi

Research Interests

Community structure, niche theory, disturbance/disaster ecology and multi-stressors in ecosystems, climate change and sea-level rise, intricate details of basic biology about how insects and spiders survive stressors, food webs and nutrient dynamics – from large scale to minuscule.

Classes Taught

Intro to Environmental Science

Conservation Biology (Fall)

Applied Ecology (Spring even years)

How to Write a Scientific Paper (Summer – McNair Scholars)

Ecosystem Ecology (in development stage)

Awards & Honors

2012 Southeastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America’s 2012 award for Distinguished Achievement in Teaching.

2004 Youth Service America State Farm Good Neighbor Service-Learning Award

2001 Orkin Award for Excellence in Research

Recent Publications

Callicott, K., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2019). An investigation of environmental concentrations of atrazine, chlorothalonil, and fipronil in a Mississippi River-influenced marsh in southern Louisiana. MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL, 146, 1241-1248.

Qin, W., Chen, X., Hooper-Bui, L. M., Cai, J., Wang, L., Sun, Z., Wen, X., Wang, C. (2019). Food-burying behavior in red imported fire ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). PEERJ, 7.

Snyder, B. F., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2018). A Teachable Moment: The Relevance of Ethics and the Limits of Science. BioScience, bix165.

Sokolov, I., Chen, X., Strecker, R. M., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2018). An Annotated List of Auchenorrhyncha and Heteroptera Collected in the Coastal Salt Marshes of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana. Psyche.

Bam, W., Hooper-Bui, L. M., Strecker, R. M., Adhikari, P. L., Overton, E. B. (2018). Coupled effects of oil spill and hurricane on saltmarsh terrestrial arthropods. PLOS ONE, 13(4).

Wang, C., Chen, X., Hooper-Bui, L. M., Strecker, R., Wen, Y.-Z., Qin, W.-Q., Ma, T., Sun, Z.-H., Chen, X.-Y., Wen, X.-J. (2018). How do groups of red imported fire ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) feed on a droplet of sugar water? INSECT SCIENCE, 25(3), 499-507.

Adams, B. J., Chen, X., Strecker, R., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2017). A comparison of two insect collection techniques in oiled and non-oiled salt marshes in Louisiana. Florida Entomologist, 100(2), 366-371.

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Chen, X., Adams, B., Sabo, A., Crupi, T., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2016). Ant Assemblages and Co-Occurrence Patterns in Cypress-Tupelo Swamp. WETLANDS, 36(5), 849-861.

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Wang, C., Chen, X., Strecker, R., Henderson, G., Wen, X., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2016). Individual and Cooperative Food Transport of the Red Imported Fire Ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Laboratory Observations. JOURNAL OF INSECT BEHAVIOR, 29(1), 99-107.

Chen, X., Adams, B., Bergeron, C., Sabo, A., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2015). Ant community structure and response to disturbances on coastal dunes of Gulf of Mexico. JOURNAL OF INSECT CONSERVATION, 19(1), 1-13.

Hooper-Bui, L. M., Kwok, E., Buchholz, B., Rust, M., Eastmond, D., Vogel, J. (2015). Insecticide Transfer Efficiency and Lethal Load in Argentine Ants. Nucl Instrum Methods Phys Res B, 15(361), 665-669.

Turner, R. E., Overton, E., Meyer, B., Miles, S., Hooper-Bui, L. M. (2014). Changes in the concentration and relative abundance of alkanes and PAHs from the Deepwater Horizon oiling of coastal marshes. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 86, 291-297.

Turner, R. E., Overton, E., Meyer, B., Miles, S., Hooper-Bui, L. M., Summers-Engel, A., Swenson, E., Lee, J., Milan, C. (2014). Distribution and recovery trajectory of Macondo (Mississippi Canyon 252) oil in Louisiana coastal wetlands. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 87(1-2), 57-67.

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