Areas of Specialization

Carlos Astete, assistant professor (PhD, LSU 2010) – polymeric nanoparticles as vehicles for delivery of active components for food, biopharmaceutical, and agricultural applications.

Richard Bengtson, professor emeritus (PhD, Oklahoma State University 1980) –soil erosion, hydrology, crop response to excess water stress and water management, and surface and groundwater quality.

Dorin Boldor, professor (PhD, North Carolina State University 2003) – bioprocessing, biofuels, and microwave heating and chemistry.

W. David Constant, chair and professor (PhD, LSU 1984) - fate and transport of chemicals in the environment with a focus on hazardous materials, waste sites, and water quality.

Kevin Hoffseth, assistant professor (PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara 2018) – intersection of biomedical engineering and mechanics of materials, investigating deformation and fracture in cortical bone tissue under indentation and cutting.

Philip Jung, assistant professor (PhD, University of Cincinnati 2010) – engineering biomaterials for tissue regeneration and stem cell bioengineering.

Yongchan Kwon, assistant professor (PhD, Chungnam National University in South Korea 2012) – cell-free synthetic biology applications encompassing expanding the genetic code, cell-free metabolic engineering, producing biomaterials, and developing a new toolkit for synthetic biology research.

Marybeth Lima, professor (PhD, Ohio State University 1996) – community-based design, playground design, and engineering education.

Elizabeth Martin, assistant professor (PhD, Tulane University 2013) – biomedical research, tumor microenvironment, drug resistance, three-dimensional tissue matrices, cancer biomaterials, and cancer therapeutics.

W. Todd Monroe, professor (PhD, Vanderbilt University 2001) – biomedical microfluidics, bioMEMS, biophotonics, and cellular and molecular engineering.

Cristina Sabliov, professor (PhD, North Carolina State University 2003) – nanotechnology, bioprocessing, and mathematical modeling.

Subramaniam Sathivel, professor (PhD, LSU 2001) – food engineering and processing, microencapsulation technology, thermal and non-thermal processing, packaging and edible films, and bioactive compounds separation.

Chandra Theegala, professor (PhD, LSU 1997) – water and wastewater treatment, agricultural byproducts and value-added products, bioenergy and alternative energy, and energy conservation.

Adjunct Faculty Research Interests

Giovanna Aita, professor in the Audubon Sugar Institute (PhD, LSU 2004) – integrated technologies to convert biomass into higher value products, using antimicrobials to inhibit disease-causing microorganisms, and identifying and characterizing antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

Stacia Davis, assistant professor in the Red River Research Station (PhD, University of Florida 2014) – extension and outreach program that disseminates research-based results and addresses clientèle concerns related to the development, operation, and efficient use of irrigation systems, as well as efficient irrigation scheduling.

Randy Price, assistant professor in the Dean Lee Research Station (PhD, University of Illinois 1999) – remote sensing, automated systems, spray technology, and agricultural engineering.

Louis J. Thibodeaux, professor emeritus (PhD, LSU 1968) – chemodynamics, transport, and fate of chemicals in the environment.


If you require additional assistance, please contact:

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