Strategic Plan


Biological & Agricultural Engineering integrates applied biology into the fundamental principles of engineering design for the purpose of developing processes and systems that influence, control, or utilize biological materials, organisms, and their environments for the benefit of society. Our mission is to provide a biological and agricultural engineering program of excellence, advancing knowledge through teaching, basic and applied research, and outreach.


To be a nationally ranked premier department with programs known for excellence in biological and agricultural engineering education, fundamental and applied research, and leadership in extension, service and outreach. A new program is underway with the LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans. Called “Fast Path”, it combines the BS in BE with the MD and PhD degrees in an overlapping fashion to reduce total time to all three degrees. Our research and teaching programs will grow significantly around Fast Path due to solid research support of our faculty from NSF and NIH, among others, bringing us to national prominence.


  1. High quality, diverse and supportive instruction and education, leading to successful careers for graduates in a dynamic world.
  2. Cutting edge research to benefit the citizens of Louisiana, the nation, and the globe.
  3. Outreach (extension service) to the profession resulting in utilization of our education and research results to improve quality of life.


  1. Provide effective solutions for advanced healthcare and improved human wellness by strengthening the College’s innovation in biomedical engineering.
    1. Translate research from the laboratory to application via aggressive promotion and engagement of the technology commercialization offices of LSU.
    2. Boost the research capabilities of the department and collaborate with other departments to maximize the societal impact.
  2. Provide high quality instruction and research in the BS, MS and PhD programs.
    1. Maintain continuous improvement and assessment program for BS degree with target of 6V in ABET accreditation in 2021.
    2. Obtain independent PhD in BE program by 2018
    3. Maintain balance in teaching loads with rising enrollment
  3. Develop Institute around Developing Fast Path Program with HSC-NO
    1. Build a steady stream of successful Fast Path students at the BS, MD and PhD levels.
    2. Obtain sufficient funding to support students thru the entire program in form of an institute.
  4. Seek Substantial External Support for Labs, Senior Design and Faculty
    1. Visit donors and seek support of BAE laboratories, positions and senior design in conjunction with College development staff.
    2. Engage the Advisory Board to accomplish some of the donor location work.