Summer Programs for K-12 Students

The LSU College of Engineering offers a variety of on-campus camps for middle and high school students as part of the LSU Pre-College Summer Programs. For more information on each camp and to apply, please visit

Registration will open in January 2022.

Summer 2022 Middle & High School Offerings

Camp Dates Format Grade Level Cost Contact
eXploreCS Junior May 30 - June 3 Commuter Rising 7 - 9 $450* Adrienne Steele
eXploreCS High June 6 - June 10 Commuter Rising 10 - 12 $450* Adrienne Steele


June 19 - June 25 Residential Rising 10 - 12 $600* Roberto Champney
Exploring STEM June 27 - July 1 Commuter Rising 6 - 8 $450 Kim Kaufman
Intro to Engineering (Commuter) July 11 - July 22 Commuter Rising 9 - 12 $1,500 Kim Kaufman
Intro to Engineering (Residential) July 11 - July 22 Residential Rising 9 - 12 $2,950 Kim Kaufman
Robotics July 10 - July 23 Residential (commuter allowed) Rising 9 - 12 $2,950  Harald Leder
Survey of Drones July 10 - July 23 Residential (commuter allowed) Rising 9 - 12 $2,950  Harald Leder
Halliburton XCITE July 17 - July 23 Residential Rising 9 - 12 $600* Sarah Jones

*financial need assistance available

eXploreCS Junior and High

The eXploreCS Junior and High camps provide middle and high school students the opportunity to learn about computer science and programming. Over the course of five days, students learn key programming concepts and develop their problem-solving skills using SparkFun kits. They will also learn from LSU professors and students in cutting-edge computer labs. Major learning concepts include areas such as technology systems, networks, algorithms, data structures, data analytics, visualization, artificial intelligence, robotics, and cybersecurity.

This camp is sponsored by LSU’s Division of Computer Science and Engineering and Louisiana Economic Development. Partial financial need scholarships are available.

Exploring STEM

Exploring STEM introduces middles school students to a variety of cutting-edge STEM fields over the course of five days. Through talks and hands-on activities, this summer camp will provide valuable skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math that students can use in their future careers. Each day, a different STEM concentration will be explored through a variety of guest speakers, activities, projects, and presentations. Throughout the program, students will learn problem solving, communication, teamwork, and decision making.

High School Summer Research Program

The High School Summer Research (HSSR) Program is a unique opportunity for high-achieving high school students (Grades 9 - 11) to engage in real research in the fields of engineering, computer science, and construction management. Students selected through a competitive application process each fall will be paired with faculty mentors to work on a research project in the following summer.

Learn more about HSSR Program

Halliburton XCITE

The LSU Halliburton eXploration Camp Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers (XCITE) Camp is designed to encourage rising 9th–12th grade female students to pursue engineering, computer science, or construction management careers. Over the course of five days, students explore, create, experiment, build, code, design, and compete while discovering a variety of engineering majors and college life. Students work closely with LSU faculty and undergraduates as part of our Engineering 101 sessions and activities.

Highlights include:

  • Engineering Design Projects
  • Introduction to College Life
  • Teamwork and Leadership Activities
  • Female Engineering Discussion Panel
  • Field Trip to LSU Engineering Laboratories & Research Facilities, e.g. Petroleum Well Facility, Mechanical Engineering and Mississippi River Model 

Thanks to the generosity of Halliburton, we are able to offer the program at a reduced rate, as well as additional scholarships to those with demonstrated need.

Intro to Engineering

Intro to Engineering will introduce students to the profession, ethics, and diversity of the field of engineering. They will complete 15 hands-on projects relating to 10 different fields of engineering offered at LSU. Throughout the course, students will interact with an instructor, teaching assistants, and peers to learn about each discipline and work on projects. This experience will allow students to explore the differences between each engineering discipline and help them make more informed decisions about future elective choices in high school and selecting a college major. There are commuter and residential formats available.


The Recruiting Into Engineering High-Ability Multicultural Students (REHAMS) Camp is designed to introduce 10th–12th grade male and female students from diverse backgrounds about various disciplines of engineering. Over the course of five days, student participate in LSU faculty-led Engineering 101 sessions and are guided by current LSU engineering students through a variety of engineering activities. Students are also given the opportunity to interact with professional engineers during the Industry Panel Networking Event. The highlight of this camp is the Design Project Competition, where students work in teams utilizing the engineering design process to build a project while incorporating time, budget, aesthetics, and functionality.

Thanks to the generosity of Shell, we are able to offer the program at a reduced rate, as well as additional scholarships to those with demonstrated need.


The Robotics course uses VEX Robotics parts and RobotC software to introduce the student to the foundations of robotics, including basic programming, actuators, mechanisms, and sensors. This course will involve students in the development, building, and programming of robots to accomplish various tasks. Students will perform hands-on work in teams to encourage knowledge sharing, reflection, and review. Topics may include motor speed, gear ratios, torque, sensors, program loops, project documentation, and decision-making.

Survey of Drones

Survey of Drones uses the fundamental skills learned in LSU’s Pathways Engineering courses to assemble, program, and pilot drones for use in indoor racing. Students will work hands-on to program and pilot drones through an indoor racing course. The course will begin with the basics of flight and signal transmission, then using those basics, students will adjust the programming of their drones to improve mobility and better suit their pilot’s preferences. Each team will program, test, and pilot their drone to see whose is the best!