Inter-Institutional Biological and Recombinant DNA Safety Committee 

The LSU/AgCenter Inter-Institutional Biological and Recombinant DNA Safety Committee (IBRDSC) oversees the use of various biological agents that have the potential to result in accidental exposures to University personnel, liability and public relation issues, community outbreaks of disease or damage to natural ecosystems. IBRDSC is charged with protecting LSU faculty, staff, students, and visitors and has the authority to stop any activity that the committee believes to be unsafe.

The IBRDSC Charter establishes policy for conducting biological research activities and defines responsibilities of principal investigators, lab workers, department heads, the IBRDSC, the Manager of Biological Safety and the Responsible Official. Additionally, it details the procedures to be used by the IBRDSC in the review of biological research and activities. The information provided is based on federal, state, and University regulations and guidelines.  The IBRDSC follows federal guidelines with respect to the review and approval of protocols involving biological materials. 


All teaching, diagnostic, research and extension activities which involve recombinant DNA or potentially hazardous biological materials and performed by LSU faculty, students, and visitors must be reviewed and approved by the IBRDSC. The requirements apply also to activities on LSU land, facilities (owned, leased, or rented) and sponsored activities. The IBRDSC is comprised of faculty from many academic disciplines at LSU, non-scientific members, and community representatives not affiliated with the University.