Equalizer Women's & Men's Self-Defense Classes

Stop thinking that you have to be nice to everyone! 

There are people in this world that want to harm you. You must be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings at all times! LSU PD women's and men's self-defense Instructors want you to be prepared in case you are ever in a dangerous situation. 

equalizer training

The LSU PD is proud to host women's and men's self-defense classes to LSU students, faculty, and staff. The classes are provided in (4) 3 hour blocks of instruction and all classes are FREE! In addition to learning women's and men's self-defense, LSU PD Equalizer Instructors will also cover personal safety, residential safety, and statistics. 

Classes are hosted at the UREC on South Campus Drive or can be hosted at your dorm in the activity center. Safety is of the upmost importance, therefore, classes are hosted in secured rooms. 

Classes are hosted separately. Instructors will never have males and females in the same class for safety and survivor purposes. 

For more information, email us at lsupd@lsu.edu or call 225-578-3231. You may also request a class