Bomb Threat

Receiving by Telephone:

  • If possible, write a note to a collegue to call LSU Police by dialing 911, or, as soon as the caller hangs up, immediately notify them yourself (from a different phone). 
  • Remain calm. Keep the caller on the line for as long as possible. DO NOT HANG UP, even if the caller does. 
  • Listen carefully. Be polite and show interest.
  • Attempt to keep caller on the phone as long as possible to learn more information about the threat. 
  • If your phone has a display, copy the numbers and/or letters on the window display.
  • Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist immediately (see below). 
  • Record the time received and as many details as possible:
    • What is the identity of caller?
    • Where is the bomb located?
    • When will the bomb detonate?
    • What type of bomb is it?
    • What does the bomb look like?
    • Why was the bomb planted?
  • Determine characteristics of the caller:
    • Approximate age
    • Gender
    • Accent
    • Voice characteristics (calm, nervous, excited, laughing)
  • Listen for background noises:
    • other voices
    • traffic, airplanes, trains, machinery
    • music, etc
  • LSU Police will communicate further instructions.

Receiving by Handwritten Note:

  • Call LSU Police immediately by dialing 911 and communicate as appropriate. 
  • Handle note as minimal as possible. 

Receiving by Email:

  • Call LSU Police immediately by dialing 911 and communicate as appropriate.
  • Do not delete the message(s).