Pre-Health Pathways | LSU Majors

Pre-Health Pathways

LSU provides a number of pathways to careers in the healthcare field. Select a pathway below to see how LSU can get you there.

athletic training

Pre-Cardiopulmonary Science

Work as a respiratory therapist to improve patients’ heart and/or lung functions

pre-dental hygiene students

Pre-Dental Hygiene

Clean and examine patients’ teeth and advise them on proper oral hygiene


Pre-Dental Lab Technology

Work with a variety of materials to create prostheses like dentures, bridges, and crowns from teeth impressions to help alleviate patients’ dental issues

dentistry students


Help people maintain good health by performing exams and procedures to keep their teeth in optimal condition


Pre-Medical Technology

Work in a clinical laboratory setting conducting tests to diagnose and help treat illnesses



Work as a doctor in a specialization or as a general practitioner

nurse in hospital


Work on the frontlines of health care, often as the first point of contact for patients seeking treatment

occupational therapy

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Help people overcome physical and mental obstacles so that they can live achieve greater independence or tackle everyday situations

surgical tools

Pre-Physician Assistant

Work side-by-side with a doctor to diagnose and treat illnesses, assist in surgeries, and counsel patients



Work to check medicines against possible negative interactions, coordinate with insurance companies, and counsel patients on proper dosage and potential side effects

pre-physical therapy

Pre-Physical Therapy

Work with patients who have impairments or disabilities to help them rehabilitate or manage physical limitations


Pre-Public Health

Work with the community to address public health issues



 Pre-Veterinary Medicine

  Work with animals to improve their health, well-being, and conservation