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Business Office

Facility Services Business Office is responsible for all aspects of the business and accounting functions. Such activities include payroll and leave accounting for hourly employees, work order and maintenance cost accounting and billing, management reporting, accounts payable, utility accounting and billing, and accounts receivable. 

If you have questions about one of the functions of the Business Office, please contact one of the personnel below. 

Mary Stebbing
Executive Director
Telephone: 225-578-0613


Billing Questions/Discrepancies

Nicole Keller Green, MPA 
Business Manager
Office: 225-578-7671

Accounts Receivable, Utilities, Refuse, Invoices

Susie DeGeneres
Coordinator of Business Operations
Office: 225-578-6383

Time Sheets

Chorolette Roberson 
Accounting Technician 
Office: 225-578-5995