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Building Services

Name Title Phone Email

Stacy Whitfield

Assistant Director


Benjamin Manuel

Manager - Moving Crew Special Events


Igor Matkovic

Operations Manager


Olufunke Abayomi Talabi

Administrative Coordinator 4 (Split Shift)


Debra Collins

Administrative Coordinator 3 (Split Shift)


Shannon Revish

Custodial Manager (Day Shift)


Alisia Armstrong

Custodial Manager (Day Shift)


Winkeyssa Robertson

Custodial Manager (Evening Shift)


Linda Williams

Custodial Manager (Evening Shift)



Building Services

The Building Services department has a custodial staff of 245 who service over 6 million square feet of building area that includes classrooms, offices, hallways and restrooms. The Floor Crew cleans all carpet, hardwood, tile and stone area flooring and removes water from campus buildings. The Moving Crew handles all special event set-ups on campus, and also facilitates all moves at LSU.

The department is customer focused with well trained staff members who work diligently to keep campus facilities clean for students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

If you have questions or need additional information about our services, please contact one of the personnel listed above. If you would like to request service to be done, please contact the Customer Service Center to put in a work request at 578-3186.

Floor Crew

The Facility Services Floor Crew is responsible for the stripping, waxing, and shampooing of the floors in all assigned buildings. They are responsible for the incredible shine that students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus see on the floors in the entrance and lobby of such buildings as Cox Communications, LSU Library, Thomas Boyd Hall and many other buildings around campus.

The Floor Crew’s training and experience with the special burnishes, buffers, and shampoo machines, along with their knowledge of stripping and waxing products, ensures that campus floors will always look their best.

Moving Crew – Special Events

Our Moving Crew is tasked with removing and placing of office furniture, classrooms items (desks, podiums, etc.), conference room equipment in buildings all over the LSU Campus. They are also responsible for erecting and taking down stages, table, chairs, and set-ups for special events like graduations and outdoor concerts.

NOTE: Surplus pickups should be scheduled through the Office of Property Management.  Property Management has teams dedicated to this purpose and may be reached at 225-578-6892.

If you are moving to another location on campus, please follow the moving checklist below to ensure the move runs smoothly.

Materials Needed

  • Please determine packaging materials needed prior to move and submit order to FS Moving Crew at 578-7657
  • Two different sizes of moving boxes are available, small (1.5 cu. ft.) and medium (3.0 cu. ft.). Small boxes are recommended for packing books to keep the weight manageable. Estimate two medium boxes to empty a standard desk of miscellaneous items.
  • Two different file boxes are available, legal and letter size. Estimate two boxes per full file cabinet drawer.
  • Bubble wrap, packing tape, labels and tape dispensers are available for your use.


  • Facility Services does not disconnect or reconnect electronics items, including but not limited to, computers, phones, faxes, printers, lab and scientific equipment, etc.
  • The moving of electronic items will only be considered if the items are properly packaged (original packaging) and are disconnected prior to the arrival of the movers. Consider how the item was packaged upon purchase or initial shipment.
  • It is highly recommended that the movement of electronic items be done by the individual department.


  • All packing needs to be completed prior to the date of the scheduled move.
  • All boxes should be packaged properly, taking care to protect breakable items.
  • Label all boxes with room number and special instructions( Breakable, Fragile, Open First)
  • All items packed in boxes are the responsibility of the person who is moving. Do not place departmental valuables, breakables, collectables or irreplaceable items in boxes for the movers. The person who is moving is responsible for taking care of these types of items and the proper packing of all boxes.
  • FS will not be responsible for damage that occurs inside boxes due to poor packing or labeling methods. Remember, how well the box is packed will determine the condition of items upon arrival at the intended destination.


  • All items need to be labeled inside office, lab or work area.
  • Label all the components of items that break down to multiple pieces; Example: desks, modular furniture, bookcases with shelves that remove.
  • Label items with room numbers and department/user’s name.
    Color coding is often used to better organize large moving projects. Please use the proper label color as determined by the department.
  • Label items that are not being moved, surplus items, and scrap items accordingly.
  • Please be careful labeling delicate furniture. Labels can be difficult to remove. Use clear tape to apply labels to wood furniture or label in an inconspicuous area to avoid damaging the furniture’s finish.
  • Post It Notes do not work. They fall off during the move.


  • All file cabinets must be emptied prior to moving. Moving a full file cabinet will damage the internal hardware.
  • All furniture must be emptied (desks, credenzas, cabinets, etc.)
  • Label all pieces of your work space that come apart into multiple pieces. Label all chairs.
  • Please notify your department representative or Facility Services if you have a specialty item that requires special disassembly or care prior to the day of the scheduled move.


  • Please provide a diagram of each office or space and orient the furniture on the diagram in reference to fixed objects, windows and doors for example. This is needed when the person(s) being moved are not present at the time of the move.
  • Please attach diagrams to non-paintable surfaces (windows) in remodeling projects.
  • Please designate a staging area for misplaced/unlabeled items (lost and found) prior to the move to avoid cluttering halls and common spaces.