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What should I do when my office, lab, or classroom is too hot or too cold? 

Please notify the Building Coordinator of your building. They will contact Customer Service at 225-578-3186.

All temperature calls are handled in the following manner: Once the call is received, a Work Request is computer generated with requester information: name, time and date of call, location, description of problem. The work order is immediately given to an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) supervisor who has online access to the computerized energy management system.

In a majority of the calls, the HVAC supervisor can handle temperature issues via the computer. In addition, the HVAC supervisor has technicians that can be radio dispatched to the location.

How do I schedule air conditioning or heat in my office, lab or classroom after normal business hours?

Call Customer Service and request that the air conditioning or heat be turned on during the time you will be in the space. Please give the building name, room number, and expected length of time you will remain in the room and our staff will adjust the air conditioning/heating schedule.

A three day notification is required to ensure that requests are properly scheduled.  If the request is unplanned, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible and before 4:30 p.m.

How do I change the air conditioning/heating schedule in my space?

Send an email to facilityservices@lsu.edu requesting the change. Please include the building and room number(s) that need to be rescheduled, the new days and hours, reasons for the change, and a contact person.

Who do I contact with any billing inquiries? 

For inquiries regarding Vendor, Facility Resources and/or Facility Utility & Operations charges, please contact:

Nicole Keller Green
nkelle1@lsu.edu 225-578-7671

For inquiries regarding Designer, Contractor, Vendor and/or Design Fee charges from Planning, Design and Construction, please contact: 

Stephanie Lindsly
lindsly@lsu.edu 225-578-3949

Shelia Davis
sdavis4@lsu.edu 225-578-2433

What policy statement governs building coordinators? 

PS-49 outlines the duties and responsibilities of a building coordinator.

How is a building coordinator or alternate building coordinator appointed for a building?

Per PS 49, the highest ranking administrative person in the building must send a letter appointing a person as the building coordinator or alternate building coordinator for the building. The letter must include the appointee’s name, room number, email address, office phone number and an emergency phone number where the BC can be contacted for emergencies that occur outside of normal business hours. This letter can be sent gsansoni1@lsu.edu.

 How do we notify Facility Services of a change in the building coordinator or alternate building coordinator of a building?

Per PS 49, the highest ranking administrative person in the building must send a letter notifying Facility Services of the change. The letter must include the new appointee’s name, room number, email address, office phone number and an emergency phone number where the BC can be contacted for emergencies that occur outside of normal business hours. This letter can be sent to gsansoni1@lsu.edu.

 Can someone other than a Building Coordinator or Alternate Building Coordinator receive utility outage notifications? 

Yes. Any faculty or staff member who would like to receive utility outage notifications should fill out the Request Outage Notification Form.

 How do I locate the name of a Building Coordinator for a building? 

Please visit http://bc.lsu.edu for Building Coordinator data. You may search the site by map number, FAC number, abbreviation or building name to locate the Building Coordinator.

We would like to have our carpets cleaned. Does Facility Services offer this service and is there a charge?

There is no charge for this service for general maintenance. Keep in mind that we have a small floor crew to serve the entire campus, so there is usually a large waiting list.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are making preparations for a special event.  Some events that require continual care may result in charges not typical of general maintenance.

How do I get bookshelves made for my office?

Initiate an estimate request with Facility Services via FAMIS. Once the estimate has been approved by the department, Facility Services will build the bookshelves.  There is a charge for this service.

What types of services are provided by Facility Services?

All facility needs and other services including, but not limited to building automation systems, building maintenance, carpentry, custodial services, electrical service, environmental services, fire alarms, HVAC installation and repair, keys, landscape services, moving services, painting, plumbing, roofing repairs, sheet metal, table and chair rental, and utility services. Professional services include construction/renovation, engineering & design, interior design and planning & development

 Who do I contact when I have a maintenance request?

Requests for services can be sent to Customer Service by telephone at 225-578-3186, via FAMIS or by email at facilityservices@lsu.edu.

 Who do I contact when a job is incomplete?

Customer Service - phone: 225-578-3186; email: facilityservices@lsu.edu.

What is considered an emergency call?

Emergency calls are those that involve potential threat or damage to life and/or property (gas leak, fire alarms, water leaks, etc.)

Routine calls are usually requests for services that can be scheduled (painting, light bulbs, keys, etc.)

How do I order keys?

Fill out a Key Request Form for each individual requesting a key. The Building Coordinator should sign the forms and attach them to a work order in FAMIS. If the request is for a Sub-Master or Master Key the Dean/Director will also be required to sign the form.

Other forms can be found at key policy page.

 How do I get the lock for my office changed? 

Initiate a work order in FAMIS specifying you would like the lock to be re-keyed. If you are requesting the lock to be keyed to a new key; follow the procedure for requesting a new key (above).

For all lighting needs including interior light repair and exterior light issues, please Inform your Building Coordinator of the issue and the room(s) in question, and they will enter a work order in FAMIS or contact Facility Services Customer Service.

Our department has some old furniture that we want to remove from our building.  Will Facility Services haul it away, and is there a charge for this service? 

Due to inventory issues, disposal of old furniture and equipment is handled through Property Management.  Contact the department at 225-578-6921 to arrange pick up of the items. If the items are too large for Property Management to remove, it may be necessary to contact Facility Services at 225-578-3186 to set up a Work Order for removal once inventory paperwork has been completed and approved by Property Management.

Where can I find details on LSU standard paint schemes? 

Painting services are part of Facility Maintenance. Interior Design group, which is part of Planning, Design, and Construction can also assist/discuss this matter. 

Standardized Paint Colors

Our department has a large quantity of old publications and other printed material to dispose. Can this material be recycled and is there a charge for this service?

Most printed material can be recycled.  Our department does like to examine it first. Contact the Recycling Hot Line at 225-578-5325 to have someone inspect the material. Normally, there is not a charge for this service. Unusual clean outs, such as attics, may involve a service charge.  We will prepare an estimate for the job and send it to the department before material is removed.

I need changes to solid waste services or recycling. 

Please email us at sustainability@lsu.edu.


How do I order tables and chairs?

Initiate a service request with the following information: Name, account number, dates and times items are needed, number of tables and chairs needed and delivery location at FAMIS or facilityservices@lsu.edu.

How do I report utility leaks/outages? 

Please call 225-578-3186 to report any utility issues.  Please be specific on the location, and please immediately report if there is a hazard (steam or gas leak, a large hole, electrical lines exposed, etc.)

For a list of currently reported/posted outages visit http://outages.lsu.edu