FAMIS is the maintenance management system used by LSU Facility Services. This service has the following core components.

  • Service Requests
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Key Requests
    • Event resources
    • Estimates
  • Planned maintenance
  • Inventory Management
    • Procurement
  • Space Management
    • Updates
    • Audits

To access these services, any LSU employee/student can request access using the FAMIS Access Request Form. Access to the site requires you to login using LSU's Single Sign On portal. You can login using the link in the FAMIS drop down above.

A non-LSU person such as a contractor, vendor, or building coordinator of non-LSU facility may request access using the form above. Access for such users will not use LSU's SSO. Access for a non-LSU person should be sponsored by a Facility Services employee.

Contact the Facility Services Customer Service Center at facilityservices@lsu.edu or 225-578-3186 for further assistance.