Nonpayment Penalties 

Students are required to pay the Louisiana State University balance by the payment due date. If payment is not received, students may be penalized by being purged from the class(es) or having the account balance transferred to the collection agency, Louisiana Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General (AG). 

Nonpayment of Fee Bill

Approximately one week before the class start date, LSU will purge students who have not completed registration. If classes are purged, students should follow one of the below scenarios:

  • If the scheduled class(es) are removed before the last day to add classes, simply reschedule those courses if the class is not full.
  • If the scheduled class(es) are purged and the student wishes to re-enroll after the last day to add classes, permission must be requested from the academic Dean’s office.
  • LSU Online students will not be permitted to re-enroll into the purged class(es). Online students may work with the academic advisor to determine if the same or equivalent class(es) are available in the next module once the past due balance is satisfied.

Please note: The balance must be satisfied to prevent future purging. 


Students will receive a warning letter notifying the student that there is an overdue balance. If a warning letter is received this means the account is 60 days delinquent and payment must be made to LSU within 30 days of the date of the letter to avoid being transferred to collections. Students must take immediate action and contact our office via e-mail at to make payment. If the balance on the LSU account is not cleared, LSU is required to forward all delinquent accounts to the AG in accordance with the State of Louisiana guidelines. Once a balance has been transferred to collections, a collections fee of 25 percent is added to the total amount transferred.

If the account has been turned over to the Louisiana Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General (AG), questions or concerns, should be referred to or via phone at 225-326-6550 or 1-800-423-2129.

To avoid penalties and being sent to collections, students are reminded of the following: 

  • Be aware of LSU's payment deadlines. Due dates are displayed on the Fee Bill and can be viewed on the Schedule Booklet.  
  • Know when payments are due. If activity such as a new charge is posted on the student account, a notification is generated monthly excluding January and August. 
  • Stay informed! Students can access the student account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week by logging into myLSU. Payments can be made online and all major credit cards and e-checks are accepted.
  • If a student has decided not to participate in an enrolled course, please properly withdraw. Do not depend on the purging process for class(es) to be dropped.
  • Follow up on all payment arrangements. Make sure the funds are applied and the account balance stays at zero. 
  • Ensure invoices and updates are received by keeping student mailing addresses up to date under Personal Preferences > Directory Information on myLSU.
  • Do not get sent to collections! Email to make payments on the account. Partial payments on balances are accepted until the balance is cleared. 

Please note that if active payments are made, but the account still has a balance, the university is unable to release a transcript until the balance is cleared. 




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