Fee Bills

The Fee Bill is a student’s bill for the upcoming term prior to completing registration.  The Fee Bill is where students review all the costs associated with the upcoming term in accordance with LSU’s Tuition and Fee Schedule and any additional services applicable.

Financial Responsibility Statement 

This policy must be accepted by the student at the beginning of each registration period in order to view their fee bill. It ensures the student is aware that by registering for courses at LSU, they are responsible for their account balance. Acceptance acknowledges financial responsibility for the cost of the upcoming term. 

Accessing the Fee Bill

When Fees Bills are available, students will receive a Fee Bill email. Students can access the Fee Bill at myLSU under Registration Services. After reviewing the course schedule and associated tuition and fees, students must complete registration. Students must click the “Complete Registration” button or by making payment in full. Please note that waitlisted classes are not included on the fee bill or charged until a student is placed in a course. 

Completion of Registration

Louisiana State University requires students to complete registration, sometimes known as “clicking the complete registration button”.

Why does this button need to be clicked?  It serves as an acknowledgment of attendance at LSU and provides access to services.

The complete registration button is presented only when the amount due to complete registration is zero. The button must be clicked to complete the zero balance registration. The complete registration button is not presented when there is a non-zero amount due or after the fee bill is paid. Oftentimes a student will make a payment when there is a non-zero amount due. This typically plays the role of clicking the complete registration button.

Students can verify that the registration is completed by returning to the Fee Bill. There will be a message at the top of the page that states, “Your registration for the selected semester is complete. See Billing Statement under Financial Services for your account balance.” 

Please note once registration is complete, classes cannot be purged. Students that add and drop courses or additional services after completing registration will notice a change in fees on the Billing Statement and the fee bill is no longer available.

A $75 late registration fee will be assessed to any student who has not completed registration by the last day to add courses for Fall, Spring, and Summer as published in the Academic Calendar.

Registering vs. Completing Registration

Often students and parents are confused with the term Completing Registration. When a student simply schedules classes, this is known as registering or scheduling for a term. However, completing registration is viewing the fee bill, accepting the term, and making payment that serves as an acknowledgment of attendance at LSU for the upcoming term. 

Please note that services such as Meal Plans, University Recreation, Email Accounts, Security Access as well as many others are not available to students until registration is completed. Tiger Cards are activated 24 business hours after completing registration. The activation of the Tiger Card is what allows students to use the card in the dining hall, use tiger cash, access facilities such as the UREC and testing centers. 

Unlike the Fee Bill, the Billing Statement is updated for classes added after registration is complete. Once registration is complete, the Fee Bill is no longer available. 



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