Carol Wicks 

Professor  - Karst Hydrogeology

Frank W. and Patricia Harrison Family Professor

Fellow – Geological Society of America (GSA)

Bachelor's Degree(s): Chemical Engineering Clarkson University, 1980

PhD: Environmental Sciences University of Virginia, 1992

Fax: (225) 578-2302


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Office: E303 Howe-Russell-Kniffen

Areas of Interest

My primary research interest is understanding the linkages between the hydrology, ecology, and geochemistry of cave streams and in karstic aquifers. Specific topics are determining the rate and mechanisms of movement of sediment (suspended and bed loads) along cave streams, understanding which hydrologic events are ecological disturbance events, understanding groundwater-surface water interactions in mantled karst settings.

Awards & Honors

2017 Science Award - National Speleological Society

Fellow - American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellow - Geological Society of America

Fellow - National Speleological Society

Selected Publications

Maas, Benjamin J; Wicks, Carol M; 2017, CO2 Outgassing from Spring Waters, Aquatic Geochemistry

Broderick, Caroline A; Wicks, Carol M; Paylor, Randall L;2017, Testing the effectiveness of Beryllium-7 as a tracer of the movement of sediment over short periods along a cave stream in Hidden River Cave, Kentucky USA, Journal of Cave & Karst Studies

Wicks, CM; Paylor, RL; Bentley, SJ; 2018, Estimating surface/subsurface sediment mixing in karst settings using 7Be isotopes, Water Resources Research

Webb, A; Wicks, CM; Brantley, ST; Golladay, SW; 2017, Are isolated wetlands groundwater recharge hotspots? AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts

Maas, Benjamin J; Wicks, Carol M; 2017, Spatial and temporal variation in the chemical composition of spring waters near Bromide, Oklahoma USA Oklahoma City Geological Society

Current students:

Andrew Webb (Ph.D.)
Caroline Mierzejewski (MS)
Heather Rayneri (BS)
James Smith (MS)
Joseph Honings (Ph.D.)