There are several options for appeal in the Accountability Process at LSU.

First, a student may determine that they do not accept the outcomes assigned by the SAA official during an administrative meeting (see section 8.0 in the Code of Student Conduct).  In this instance, the student may opt to proceed with a University Hearing Panel, who will issue an outcome.  Following a University Hearing Panel, the student has the opportunity to appeal to the Dean of Students.  This appeal may only be considered by the Dean on the following grounds (section 11.4 and 11.5 of the Code of Student Conduct):

  • Evidence of bias by the UHP;
  • Significant departure from the procedures, definitions or standards in the Code;
  • New Information has become available since the UHP;

With an Appeal, a finding of responsibility may be upheld or overturned in whole or in part.  An Appeal must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Students within 5 business days after the Student and/or Student Victim is notified of the UHP Outcome or new information becomes known to the Student or Victim.  The written document must identify the specific actions and/or Outcomes being contested.  All submissions must include one of the aforementioned criteria as the basis for Appeal.  Once the Dean of Students receives an Appeal, any Outcome issued by the UHP is placed on hold pending final resolution by the Dean, unless interim measures were in place, which will remain while the Appeal is being considered. In order to submit the Appeal, click on the link included in the UHP Outcome letter and fill out the form with the information and click submit. If you have questions as to the status of your appeal, you may email