PDC provides a comprehensive campus planning function that encompasses all facets of physical campus planning.  The department exercises planning oversight for space utilization, interior renovations, parking, streets and non-LSU entity developments on campus. The combination of master and site development planning; interiors and space planning; capital and long range planning and plan archiving is the responsibility of the planning division.


The master plan, including sub-plans, is the result of public and detailed planning efforts that have established a framework to accommodate the physical growth and development of the University campus for the next twenty years and more.

Master Plan



LSU Master Plan Drawing

We are currently in the process of remediating our planning documents to create accessible versions. This process is on-going. Due to the large number of plans involved, it will likely take several years to complete. If you are attempting to access a document that is not currently in an accessible format, please contact Amy Loe at or 225-578-5902 and our office will provide you with assistance.