Capital Project Management

Louisiana funds major renovations and new construction on campus through the capital outlay process. As a requirement of the State Capital Outlay process, LSU annually submits a prioritized five-year plan for capital improvements to the State Legislature through the Board of Supervisors and Board of Regents. This plan is the result of intensive, university-wide planning efforts that include the Office of the President, the Office of Facility Services, the Facility Design and Development Committee, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Finance and Administrative Services, with the President serving as the final decision maker.


LSU submits the Capital Outlay five-year plan each year to the LSU System Office in July for approval in August. Combined and prioritized with the other LSU campuses, the LSU System Capital Outlay five-year plan is then submitted to the Board of Regents in September for approval in October.  The Board of Regents prioritizes all projects and creates a Higher Education Capital Projects Plan which is submitted to the State Division of Administration by November 1 of each year.  During the spring legislative session, individual capital projects are authorized for funding by the State Legislature.  A listing of individual projects that are authorized for funding is placed in House Bill 2.

Major capital projects listed as “New Projects” on the university’s Capital Outlay 5 Year Plan are mainly focused on renovations to existing facilities, rather than constructing new facilities, in an effort to preserve LSU’s historic buildings and actively reduce identified deferred maintenance items. Projects which actively support student services (i.e., Residential Life projects, University Recreation, etc.) are funded through revenue bond projects with the debt being serviced.

Capital Project Planning Process