Jitney Services (On-Campus Deliveries)

The Campus Delivery/Jitney service is available to provide expedited delivery of material or individuals for departments in and around campus that cannot be handled through other methods. This includes packages, documents or individuals needing timely delivery that cannot be handled through Campus Mail or the bus system.

A department should call 578-5000 to have a courier dispatched to pick up and deliver the package or document. This also applies to staff/faculty who need transportation for a meeting across campus. The service is open to all university departments for on-campus delivery. Please note: We do not provide off-campus delivery services. 

Student workers make deliveries and are therefore restricted to deliver any package in excess of 25 pounds. Money, paychecks, tests/ test results, and any other sensitive documents will not be carried unless a person from the requesting department accompanies the driver. Deliveries are made on first-come, first-served basis. Any person pick-up requests will need to be called in at least 15 minutes before scheduled time of pick-up.

The Jitney Service operates from 8AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. Due to this being student-based service, we may not always be available to accommodate your request.