Appeal a Citation

Terms and Conditions of Appeals (updated 2/15/19)

  1. To be considered for appeals, the citation must be paid in full within fourteen days of the violation date. 
  2. All appeals must be submitted through the form below within fourteen days. In addition, a personal appeal may be made after the online form has been submitted. 
  3. Diagrams, photos, and other supporting documentation must be submitted with the initial appeal. 
  4. The citation is to be appealed by the person to whom it was issued or to whom the permit displayed was issued. Written statements from witnesses are permitted and may be submitted as documentation with the initial appeal.
  5. Detail and clarity are critical factors that should be included in the statement of appeal. An appeal, or appeals, based on the following will be administratively dismissed and will NOT be sent to either Appeals Board:
    • Initial appeal was submitted beyond fourteen (14) business days of issuance/charge.
    • Lack of knowledge of the LSU Traffic and Parking Regulations
    • Stated inability to find a permitted parking space
    • Operation of the vehicle by another person
    • Stated failure of the traffic control officer to ticket/tow previously for similar offenses
    • Inability to pay fine
    • Inclement weather
    • Tardiness to class or an appointment
    • Someone other than a Parking & Transportation Services employee gave permission to park
    • Lack of valid permit by a student or employee
  6. All decisions made by the appeal board are final.



If you  have a question regarding a ticket or bill you’ve received, do not use this form. Instead, please send an email.