Frequently Asked Questions


How can I register for a permit?

The easiest way to register is through myLSU when registering for classes. Be sure to add parking as an additional service, and the yearly or semester permit charge will be added to your fees.  Payment should be made by the fee bill due date and a permit will be mailed to your home address.  If payment is made after the fee bill due date,  the permit must be picked up at the Public Safety Building.


Where can I find information regarding parking in the Union Square Garage?

The Union Square Garage (opened Spring 2013) is located on E. Campus Drive and is open to visitors, students, and faculty/staff.


How much would it cost to build a garage?

The cost of a simple garage can run $15,000-$18,000 per space, compared to an asphalt lot that costs about $1,500 a space.


What can I do at night?  I live on campus and come in late and don’t want to park far from my residence.

We offer Campus Transit, a door-to-door on-campus shuttle service that runs from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. each day of the week.  If you come in late, stop by the Public Safety Building and ask to have a Campus Transit bus follow you to a legal parking space, pick you up, and take you to your on-campus residence.


I only come to campus at night. Do I need to register for a permit?

Yes.  Night students are required to register for a permit just as day students.


I take classes off-campus.  Why do I have to buy a permit if I come on campus only once or twice?

You do need a permit but you do not need to buy one for the whole year ($165). We offer semester ($80), monthly ($25), weekly ($10) and even daily permits ($5) that can be purchased at the Visitor Center or at the Public Safety Building.


I work late and can’t come to pick up my permit.  What can I do?

Contact Parking & Transportation Services.  There are several things we can do.  One option is to leave your permit with our dispatcher (towing window) for pickup after hours.  Another is to register online early and the permit will be mailed to you (see #8).


Can students park in metered spots?

Yes, but if the meter is not paid, students are subject to a violation of overtime parking. At that time, if a permit isn’t displayed, an unregistered violation may be issued as well.


Why do you give tickets at night when there is not a parking problem?

The guidelines for parking are in effect at all times, except zone restrictions.  Violating regulations regarding fire lanes, handicapped spaces, no parking areas (marked by yellow stripes or curbs), and reserved spaces will inconvenience or impact the safety of others and cannot be allowed.  Ticketing and towing are methods of discouraging illegal parking.


What do I do if I find a permit that is not mine?

Use of a lost or stolen permit has serious consequences.  Don’t use it or even hang it.  Mail or bring to the Public Safety Building immediately.


Where can I park on holidays?

There are two types of holidays:

Student Holidays

  • Employees work and there are no classes (Fall Holiday, Spring Break, etc.).  On these days a student with a valid permit can park in any student zone but may not park in staff/faculty zones. 

Campus Wide Holidays

  • The University is closed.  A valid permit can park in any legal spot on campus during these days.

What do I do if I need to park close to drop off my class project?

Permission can be given for short periods of time to allow students into faculty/staff areas to drop off or pick up large items. But you need to get a loading permit in advance from either the Visitor Center, one of the Parking Booths, or the Public Safety Building.  Don’t take the chance thinking you’ll only be a few minutes.  The couple of minutes spent getting the permit are better than the ticket or tow that you may receive.


Are there enough spaces?

There are enough spaces on campus for the amount of students, staff, faculty and visitors we have daily at LSU. The problem is that we are so large that we cannot get them as close as everyone wants them to be.


Where are the spaces?

We have over 23,500 parking spaces.  They are located all over campus, but some in the outlying lots are a 10-minute walk from the center of campus.  If you are coming for a late morning class, don’t waste time looking for a space in a close lot. You can drive 10–15 minutes around the close lots without success.  Go to an outlying lot and use the bus system or walk.  The 2–3 extra minutes it takes to walk from there instead of a closer lot will save you time, gas, and frustration.


Are there buses to get us into campus?

Tiger Trails, LSU’s mass transit system, provides a safe, convenient, and free bus service for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, both on- and off-campus.  Tiger Trails operates on Fixed-Rider Routes to better serve daily-use passengers with quick and efficient schedules.  The routes run consistently on a schedule and stop only at established, pre-determined stops.  These routes will follow regular schedules Monday-Frida,y on weekends, with abbreviated or suspended service between semesters, on holidays, and during the summer.  Visit for more information.


I have a commuter tag but like to work out at the Student Recreation Center at lunch.  What can I do?

There are several lots on campus which are considered open to all zones.  This means that they are open to any valid permit at all times. There are three of these lots at the Student Recreation Center, and several others around campus as well.  Check the parking map for their location.


I received a ticket I don’t think I deserve.  Why can’t I just ignore it?  

If you receive a ticket, you should never ignore it. A violation should be paid or appealed within 7 days of receipt.  While it is fresh in your memory, present all of the facts in your appeal. Simply saying you didn’t do anything wrong or that the officer made a mistake is not sufficient. You should give the Hearing’s Officer as much information as possible on which to base a decision.


I’m a new employee.  How do I get my permit?

  • If your start date is your orientation date, you should choose to receive your permit at orientation.
  • If your start date is prior to your orientation date, you should visit the Public Safety Building for your permit.