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Tyrslai Williams-Carter, PhD
Assistant Dean of Mentorship, Education, & Research
Louisiana State University
210 Hatcher Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
office 225-578-4004
fax 225-578-7231

About the BD Program

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BD fellows receive tremendous benefits including:

  • Two-year fellowship at $32,000 annually
  • In-state tuition and non-resident fees
  • Cohort engagement
  • Individualized mentoring and coaching
  • Participation in professional conferences
  • Research supply support
  • Research and professional development opportunities
  • Enriched academic services and support
  • Outreach experiences
  • Educational training
  • Career Exploration

The BD Program provides a unique opportunity to navigate through graduate school within a close-knit supportive community. Fellows receive multi-faceted holistic development and tiered mentoring from faculty, staff, and peers. They also engage in enriching outreach activities and serve as mentors to younger students. Learn how to apply by selecting the Application Process link.