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McNeese State University

Fall 2023 

Established in 1939, McNeese State University is nationally ranked as one of the top public universities in the United States, is recognized as one of the finest regional universities in the South and is known as having one of the best returns on investment for tuition and high average starting salaries for its graduates. Located in Lake Charles, LA, the university is integrated into the fabric of Southwest Louisiana, contributing to economic prosperity and quality of life by providing well-prepared employees. Students at McNeese enjoy an instructor to student ratio of 1:21, and benefit from $63 million in financial assistance, over 100 market driven academic programs, and a student-centric culture. Graduates successfully pass licensure exams, and are accepted into graduate programs including law, medical, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Follow McNeese on Facebook @McNeeseStateU, on Twitter @McNeese, Instagram @McNeese, LinkedIn McNeese State University and YouTube @McNeeseStateU.

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Tulane University

Fall 2022 - Fall 2023

Newcomb Institute is a research and experiential learning center at Tulane University with a focus on educating students to achieve gender equity and discover solutions to intractable gender problems of our time. Newcomb provides opportunities for students to experience synergies between curricula, research, and community engagement through close collaboration with faculty, internships, and various grant programs.

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University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

The Kathleen Babineaux Blanco Public Policy Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is an independent, interdisciplinary research center and archive engaged in research across a range of topics in public policy. The Blanco Center advances evidence-based public policy to make Louisiana a better place to live and work with core areas of focus in education, poverty and economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, health and healthcare, the coast and environment, and governmental ethics. Learn more at

There are also partners of this project the Guilbeau Center for Public History and Center for Louisiana Studies from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

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Xavier University of Louisiana

Fall 2020 - Spring 2021

The Department of History at Xavier University of Louisiana develops scholars who are able to analyze complex issues, events, and ideas by mastering analytical thinking, writing, and communication skills. Dedicated to the humanistic study of the past to understand the present better and navigate the future successfully, graduating history majors are well prepared to pursue careers in law, medicine, journalism, business, international relations, government, public history, politics, publishing, research and teaching. An undergraduate degree in history is also excellent preparation for masters or Ph.D. programs in history, area studies, gender studies, or any humanities or social science discipline.

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Louisiana Tech University

Fall 2020 - Spring 2022

The Waggonner Center seeks to foster and promote active and responsible civic engagement through an interdisciplinary combination of academic research, innovative curricular initiatives, and community outreach. With its unique institutional design, the Waggonner Center brings together faculty from across Louisiana Tech University who take as their point of departure the intersection of American principles, institutions, and public policy, broadly understood. By working across traditional academic disciplines, the Waggonner Center aims to create an unprecedented academic experience that engages faculty, students, and community stakeholders alike. 

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T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History

2020 - 2022

Founded in 1991, is the most comprehensive oral history repository in the state of Louisiana, and one of the largest in the South. The mission is to document, preserve, and make available Louisiana’s diverse culture and history and to engage in outreach, assisting community members in learning about oral history research and in creating unique projects to document underrepresented communities. Topics include university history, Civil Rights, Louisiana politics, military history, women and gender studies, architecture, law, grassroots movements, and education.  A significant number of the collections are the result of collaborations with community groups, individual scholars and researchers, like-minded organizations, and class projects and provide primary resources on African American, Cajun, Latinx, and Native American history.