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Geaux Teach

Geaux Teach program graduates pose

Graduates of Geaux Teach, the Major in History with a Concentration in Secondary Education, pose with program advisor Prof. Zevi Gutfreund (far right). For information on the Secondary Education history program: Geaux Teach

Top presentations online

HIST 4046 (Nineteenth-Century British History) is certified as “communication-intensive” by LSU’s award-winning Communication Across the Curriculum program. Assignments in this course focus on two modes of communication: written and visual. We do extensive analysis of visual primary sources (paintings, cartoons, buildings, dishes, clothing, book illustrations) in class, to prepare the students for their big research project, called Visualizing History.  Students learn that the “stuff” of Victorian Britain—its material culture—provides the historian with invaluable primary resources for exploring and explaining this society. For their Visualizing History project, they utilize a visual presentation technique (a Prezi) to describe, analyze, and explain the significance of one aspect of this visual culture. Here are the best submissions for the Spring 2023 semester:


Emme Clark: https://prezi.com/view/Oi5GowIHbj4k4dfJzNv4/


Ann Crabtree: https://prezi.com/view/FxnDS2xsNk0REpoFs9Qs/


Audrey Hanks: https://prezi.com/view/mE9VmW0pC4SvKcui91gv/


Sophie Terrell: https://prezi.com/view/7AJoGKxXkSTowoPk4ZSD/



Honors for LSU Historians

Joshua Zeringue

Joshua Zeringue is one of three teachers from across the country selected for the 2023 Lead Learn Proclaim Awards from The National Catholic Educational Association. NCEA is the largest, private professional education association in the world; its membership includes nearly 140,000 educators serving 1.6 million students in Catholic education.
Josh received his MA from the LSU History Department in 2015 and, shortly thereafter, began teaching at St. Michael the Archangel High School in Baton Rouge. He has taught a variety of courses, including United States history as part of LSU Dual Enrollment program. 

Lead Learn Proclaim Awards




Book News


Catastrophic Diplomacy: US Foreign Disaster Assistance in the American Century

By Prof. Julia IrwinCatastrophic Diplomacy

Focusing on US responses to sudden disasters caused by earthquakes, tropical storms, and floods—crises commonly known as "natural disasters"—Prof. Irwin highlights the complex and messy politics of emergency humanitarian relief. 

Deftly weaving together diplomatic, environmental, military, and humanitarian histories, Irwin tracks the rise of US disaster aid as a tool of foreign policy, showing how and why the US foreign policy establishment first began contributing aid to survivors of international catastrophes. While the book focuses mainly on bilateral assistance efforts, it also assesses the broader international context in which the US government and its auxiliaries operated, situating their humanitarian responses against the aid efforts of other nations, empires, and international organizations. At its most fundamental level, Catastrophic Diplomacy demonstrates the importance of international disaster assistance—and humanitarian aid more broadly—to US foreign affairs.

University of North Carolina Press, 2023

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