Advising Overview

The Ogden Honors College staffs a team of professional advisors who assist students in planning all aspects of their four years at LSU and their goals beyond graduation. Our advisors help each honors student design a customized path through the university that is tailored to their major and personal aspirations. That path should include an outline for the student's course of study, as well as plans to participate in community service, study abroad, internships, research, and to complete an honors thesis.

The goal of our holistic advising is to ensure that honors students fully utilize LSU's vast array of resources in order to get the most out of their four years at a flagship university and become well-equipped for success after graduation. 

Advisors cater to the needs of high-achieving students using an integrated approach that includes overall planning and support for specialized activities:

  • Comprehensive academic planning (choosing major area(s) of study; course selection; meeting requirements);
  • Undergraduate research and completing the honors thesis;
  • Participation in community service, study abroad, and internships;
  • Career development such as job search support, resume review, practice interviews; and
  • The pursuit of prestigious fellowships and scholarships

Throughout all four years of their time at LSU, Ogden Honors students receive individual assistance from our professional advising staff. Honors advisors are accustomed to working with high-achieving students and can help with everything from following our four-year curriculum to getting involved on campus, from participating in study abroad and internships to developing long-term plans and goals. Students can make an appointment to see an honors advisor year-round. 

The Ogden Honors College Office of Fellowship Advising guides current students and recent graduates from all colleges at LSU as they apply for prestigious national and international fellowships.  

LSU boasts a winning tradition in prestigious fellowship competitions, with over 150 winners to date. We hope you will be the next student to share in that success. 

Applying for a national or international fellowship is an invaluable learning experience. Our office provides a variety of advising resources to help students assess their scholarship potential, understand the application process, write an effective personal statement, request letters of recommendation, compose a succinct resume, prepare for the interview process, and avoid common mistakes made when applying for prestigious fellowships.

Browse our fellowship list to learn about the wide variety of prestigious scholarships and fellowships available to undergraduates. Be sure to identify scholarships that support your desired place of study and educational and career goals.

Schedule an appointment on Navigate with Dr. Garrett Fontenot for more information.

Ogden Honors College academic advisors assist students in selecting study abroad opportunities that best fit within their broader academic plans. One of our academic advisors specializes in study abroad advising, and coordinates with Academic Programs Abroad (APA), the primary office for international student programs. Alongside APA, honors advising can help students consider how a study abroad program might fit with their major requirements, research interests, language abilities, and financial aid packages.

To meet with an advisor to discuss study abroad, please request an appointment, selecting study abroad as an interest on Navigate

The Ogden Honors College staff includes an academic advisor who specializes in supporting students as they progress toward completing senior honors distinctions and the honors thesis. Ogden Honors students are encouraged to begin meeting with the honors thesis advisor at the end of the sophomore year to learn the requirements of their Upper Division Honors distinction program (specific to their major) and to discuss opportunities for undergraduate research that best align with the student's majors and interests.

 As a student pursues their Upper Division program, the thesis advisor meets with them at least once per semester to review course selections and use of the Honors Option, to assist planning alongside the student's thesis director, and to support enrollment in thesis courses. The honors thesis advisor also liaises with students' faculty thesis directors to ensure that they are also aware of deadlines, requirements, and the need for any additional student support.

The Career Development Office can connect students with internship opportunities and professional contacts, and will assist students with, establishing a career plan, building a resume, drafting other professional materials such as cover letters, developing interview and networking skills, and conducting a postgraduate job search.

Contact Cindy Seghers for more information or to schedule an individual appointment. 


Ogden Honors students can schedule advising appointments through the Navigate Student app or the desktop version. If you do not have the app installed, download links are available below. Appointments are scheduled according to Central Standard Time.

In order to remain in good standing with the Ogden Honors College, students should meet with an honors advisor for at least one advising session per academic year. An advising session typically consists of a discussion of the student's future plans in relation to the honors curriculum, to their major degree programs' curriculum, and how relevant university resources might be utilized. 

Download the Navigate App

Students are encouraged to download the Navigate Student app, which can be used to schedule appointments with counselors and other features like To-Dos, Study Buddies, Resources, Holds, and Class Schedule. Navigate is available for both Apple and Android devices using the direct download links below. After downloading, please use your existing myLSU credentials to sign in to the app.

Download Navigate (IOS/Apple)Download Navigate (Android)

Drop-In Advising

Virtual drop-ins are offered at peak advising times during the semester. When dates become available for drop-in advising, this webpage will update with available times and days. Drop-in advising does not count as an advising session. Drop-in advising is currently not available.