Distinguished Student Leaders

The Distinguished Student Leaders in Construction Management designation was created to showcase students who have demonstrated exemplary academic and leadership abilities. To become a Distinguished Student Leader, students must fall into one of four categories: a member of the Sigma Lambda Chi honor society, a Construction Student Association officer, a student competition team member, or recognized as a distinguished communicator.

2022 Sigma Lambda Chi Members

  • Armstrong, Jerrod 
    Barrows, Rebecca J
    Blandon, Eduardo Andres
    Boroosan, Gavriel 
    Briede, Halle Grace
    Clendaniel, Leah Marie
    Covelo, Sebastian 
    Do, John Khanh Duc
    Galarza, Miguel 
    Hall, Jacob 
  • Hempstead, Timothy Adam
    Kenney, Asher Andrew
    Kurzenknabe, Connor 
    Lewis, Mark L
    McGraw, Michelle Elizabeth
    Nora, Zachary James
    Oday, Christina Stefanie
    Parker, Shawn Mitchell
    Sikes, Shannon Dale
    Smith III, Whitney Edmunson
  • Sully, Bryan Patrick
    Warden, Joshua David

2021-2022 Construction Student Association Officers

Executive Board

  • President - Cole Clary
    Vice President - Jacob Hall
    Secretary - Beck Heebe
    Treasurer - Lari Grieff

Committee Chairs

  • Social Chair - Liam Hulsey
    Public Relations - Grant Arceneaux
    Banquet Chair - Micheal Ward

Student Competition Team Member

NAHB Student Competition Team

  • Caroline Panepinto
  • Nicole Armanini
  • Samuel Gray
  • Bria Sosa
  • Rachel Barnett
  • James Struck
  • Kyle Schmitt
  • Jacob Salm
  • Fazil Khan
  • Jake Leblanc

ABC Student Competition Team

  • Rebecca Barrows
  • Zachary Blanchard
  • Tanner Braud
  • Adam Burkhalter
  • Roger Corbello
  • Rebecca Davis
  • William Gibson
  • David Giraud
  • Lindsey Harrell
  • Kyton Ovide
  • Jacob Renton
  • William Rosevally
  • Corbett Russell
  • Martin Siporski
  • Paige Vige
  • Kiersten Weidel

LSU Distinguished Communicator

LSU Distinguished Communicators is a unique academic excellence program where students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession.