LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building Facilities

Energy, Coast & Environment Bldg.

Available Facilities and Technology

Dalton J. Woods Auditorium (Room 1001)


  • Seating: 218 stadium chairs with 5 handicap/open spaces
  • Multilevel room lighting
  • Speaker podium with Microsoft Windows 10 PC and connections for laptop or other mobile devices
  • 226 inch diagonal fixed wide screen
  • High Definition Laser Projector, Pansonic PT-RZ120LWU
  • 75 inch rear wall mounted high definition display
  • Ceiling mounted monaural room speakers
  • Wireless and wired microphones

Conference Room (Room 1019)


  • Seating configurations: theater: 50, class room: 40, dining: 48
  • Space: ~800 ft2 and ~20'x30'x34'x30'
  • 4'x8' white board
  • 10'x10' projection screen
  • Telephone & network connections
  • Adjustable lighting levels
  • Terrace access
  • Mobile podium
  • High definition laser projector, Viewsonic LS800HD DLP
  • Microsoft Windows 10 PC and connections for laptop or other mobile devices 

Lobby (Room 1000)


  • Seating: Dining: 40-86
  • Space: ~1800 ft2 and ~43' dia
  • Floor-mounted power outlets
  • Adjustable lighting levels

Kitchen (Room 1029)


  • Space: ~100 ft2
  • sink, stove, catering refrigerator
  • 38 ft2 counter space

Portable seating and tables

  • Available tables and chairs for various configurations using the Lobby and Conference Room.
  • 20 small rectangular tables (20"x60")
  • 11 large rectangular tables (30"x72")
  • 4 medium rectangular tables (30"x60")
  • 5 round tables (60" diameter)
  • 8 bistro tables, (32" diameter x 43½" high)
  • 100 chairs

Conference Phone

  • Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 full duplex wideband conference phone.
  • When used in the Auditorium may be integrated with the sound system.
  • When used in the Conference Room additional external microphones are available.
  • There is only one phone and it may be set up in either the auditorium or conference room.
  • Conference call service must be arranged by the event coordinator. We supply only the phone.

Internet WiFi Access

Video Camera Services

  • There is a Logitech video camera attached to the Auditorium computer. Video conferencing software is available using the LSU Staff member coordinating the event.

Floor Plan

Shaded areas indicate primary conference spacesShaded areas indicate primary conference spaces.