About Our Division

Why We Exist:

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to ensuring that the 153 hours students spend outside the classroom each week are preparing them for success and achievement when they are inside the classroom.

Our Priorities:

Quality. As a student-serving team, we believe LSU students deserve our best effort…every day.  Every program, service, event, and experience is designed with their needs in mind and every interaction we have with them communicates a high degree of care, relevance, polish, and attention to detail. We won’t always be perfect, but we are committed to serving our students better next year than we did this year. 

Mattering & belonging. In addition to meeting immediate student needs by providing excellent customer service, all our spaces and individual interactions should contribute to a sense of mattering and belonging for our students. We want to surround them with reminders that LSU is their home and that we value their contributions to our campus community. 

Inclusion & access. As our student body begins to more closely resemble our state, we have a tremendous opportunity to positively affect the trajectory of individual lives and whole communities. It is vital that our programs, services, events, and experiences are designed with everyone in mind. And while not every single thing we do will be in service to or of interest to every student, it is our responsibility to ensure that the way we do our work does not result in barriers to access for anyone.