Renishaw inVia Reflex Raman Spectroscope

Renishaw inVia Reflex Raman Spectroscope

Renishaw inVia Reflex Raman Microscope enables chemical identification of elements and compounds with a spatial resolution of ~1 µm. Raman shifts within 150 cm-1 of the excitation frequency can be measured at excitation wavelengths of either 532 nm,  633 nm, or 785 nm, with a spectral resolution of ~1 cm-1. Objectives: 5x, 20x, 50x, 50x (long-working distance), and 100x. Its great features include the following:


Sample viewing

  • Stereo viewing, memorized and automatic post collection viewing and combined white light and laser video viewing
  • Software microscope control
  • Automatic white light/Raman switching and white light saving with data
  • White light auto-focus (LiveTrack)


Raman data collection

  • Automated measurement queuing
  • Automatic focus tracking (LiveTrack)


Alignment and performance checking

  • Internal neon wavelength calibration source
  • Internal reference standards for auto-calibration
  • Automated Raman calibration correction and performance health check
  • Laser auto-align and Raman signal auto-align