JEOL 2011 High-Resolution TEM

The JEOL JEM- 2011 scanning TEM equipped with a bottom-mounted Gatan SC1000 CCD camera and an EDAX EDS system is a multipurpose high-resolution analytical electron microscope with a wide range of capabilities:

  • Bright-field and dark field imaging
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Selected-area electron diffraction (SAED), nano-beam and convergent-beam electron diffraction
  • Micro-area x-ray analysis for compositional analysis

TEM provides internal microstructure information of materials including:

  • Crystallographic structure
  • Grain and grain boundary structures in bulk, polycrystalline and nanostructured materials
  • Dislocations, stacking faults, twins domain and domain boundaries, precipitates and particles
  • Interfaces down to the atomic level

TEM operating specifications:

  • Accelerating Voltage: 80-200kV
  • Magnification (steps): 50-1,500,000
  • Specimen Tilt Angle: ±35°
  • Lattice Resolution: 0.14nm
  • Point Resolution: 0.23nm
bright field image and its diffraction pattern of Ti-C:H film on SI substrate
carbon nanotubes