Property & Equipment Requirements

Disposal of Moveable Property

No items of moveable property shall be disposed without the prior written consent of Property Management. Property Management must grant (or obtain from LPAA) approval to dispose of any items of moveable property, regardless of condition or whether it is tagged and/or on inventory.  Each department head is accountable for the moveable property of his or her organization until such time the item is picked up or written approval has been granted by Property Management to discard.  Submit all requests to Property Management by emailing a completed Asset Action Request form to

Departments are responsible for ensuring that all data is securely removed from data-containing devices prior to surplus or disposal.  For additional information on data security, see PS-06.20 (Security of Data) and PS-114 (Security of Computing Resources). Also, see "Securely Removing Data from Devices" for steps or utilities available to securely delete and/or destroy the data.

Idle or Surplus Inventory

Moveable property that becomes idle or is deemed no longer needed by a department shall be surplused promptly.  The Asset Custodian is to use the Asset Action Request form to arrange for pickup or delivery to the Property Management surplus warehouse.  Items with a remaining useful life will be made available for redistribution to other departments on campus.  All other assets will be surplused to LPAA. 

Dismantling of Equipment

Departments are reminded that dismantling equipment must authorized in advance by Property Management.  Submit an Asset Action Request to Property Management.  Depending upon the acquisition cost of the asset, additional approval by LPAA may be required.  Property Management will respond via email whether the request is approved.

Once approval is given, the department should promptly begin the dismantling process.  Typically this is done in order to harvest reusable working parts from an otherwise non-functioning asset.  Usable parts should be retained and used, and the remaining "carcass" must be discarded by the department.  Note that equipment such as PCs, laptops, tablets and other items with the capacity to store and transmit data may be approved for dismantle, but the remaining carcass is considered E-waste and must not be discarded.  Property Management picks up all E-waste for recycling.  All data sanitization requirements shall be fulfilled prior to approval of a dismantle request. 

Tagged assets are removed from inventory upon approval for dismantle.

Stolen Moveable Property

If a department determines that an item has been stolen from campus, it must be reported to LSU Police immediately. LSU Police will provide a copy of the Incident Report form to Property Management and the District Attorney's Office.  For items stolen from an offsite location, the local law enforcement in that area is to be contacted immediately and a police report obtained. 

The department must promptly submit an Asset Action Request form to Property Management as notice of the theft.  Upon receipt by Property Management, other agencies will be notified including LPAA, LSU Internal Audit and the Legislative Auditor. 

Thefts of any equipment that stores data must be reported immediately to the Network Operations Center (NOC).  Refer to PS-114 (Security of Computing Resources) for additional information.

Refer to Risk Management for additional reporting requirements for stolen property.

Movement of Inventory Property on Campus

Asset Custodians shall update in Workday the physical location of assets as they are moved, or within a reasonable period of time after such move.  Assets that are reassigned from one department to another shall be transferred in Workday.  It is the responsibility of the department receiving an asset to confirm possession of same prior to approving the transfer in Workday. 

Removal of Moveable Property from Campus

No moveable property of this institution (fleet vehicles excepted) shall be removed from campus to a non-university location for use or storage without the prior approval of the employee's department head or director. If the department head or director is the user, the department head or director's next level supervisor shall approve. The department head or director shall be responsible for documenting the employee's temporary use or storage of the moveable property on the Off Campus/Home Storage form. Approval shall be based on the purposes of research or other reason within the scope and mission of the University. The department's Asset Custodian will be responsible to forward a copy of the Off Campus/Home Storage form to Property Management prior to the time of release. The Asset Custodian will be responsible for verifying return of the property at the end of the approval period.  University property removed from campus shall not be used for personal benefit or any purpose that can be considered misuse of state property. The use of state property for personal benefit is illegal under state law.

Trailer Documentation

Whenever a trailer is purchased, a signed and notarized Certificate of Origin (especially for a new trailer) and a Bill of Sale must be received from the vendor. The purchaser should exercise extra precaution when these documents are obtained to make sure they are properly notarized and made out to Louisiana State University, not to the individual purchasing the trailer. These documents are necessary when the trailer is purchased through Procurement. Property Management must have these documents to obtain a title and license for the trailer.


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