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LSU researchers' new invention - a syringe that can temporarily store adult stem cells so that they be delivered and given to the patient from the same device - is the booster physicians and veterinarians need to treat tendon injuries more effectively.

A fiber optics-powered breakthrough discovery could quickly and accurately identify pipeline leaks, preventing potentially significant environmental damage and saving the oil and gas industry billions of dollars a year. "Oil and gas pipeline leaks have enormous economic and environmental costs. The energy industry spends more than $3 billion each year on leak detection, but costs, labor and accuracy limit the current methods," said Jyotsna Sharma, LSU petroleum engineering professor. "The most common way to detect leaks is with pressure gauges, but this method is unable to localize and detect small leaks."

An LSU researcher has developed a new vaccine against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and related illnesses that kill around 8 million calves each year and cost the U.S. cattle industry more than $1 billion.



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Tammy Dugas

National Academy of Inventors Selects Two LSU Faculty Innovators

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Comparative Biomedical Sciences Professor Tammy Dugas and LSU Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professor Michael Khonsari have been elected as fellows to the National Academy of Inventors, or NAI.

Adam McCloskey

LSU Lands Small Business Development Center Director

Adam C. McCloskey has been named director of the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at LSU. At LSU, McCloskey leads an office that provides no-cost consulting to small business and aspiring entrepreneurs in the nine-parish capital region. The SBDC offers expert advice on issues from cash-flow management, securing loans, business planning and everything in between.

LSU to Lead Innovation in Louisiana for New Regional Southwest Hub

LSU to Lead Innovation in Louisiana for New Regional Southwest Hub

LSU is one of the lead organizations for a new, National Science Foundation-funded regional hub that will help propel more research out of the lab and into the real world. The $15 million Innovation Corps Hub: Southwest region is part of the operational backbone of the National Innovation Network — universities, NSF-funded researchers, established entrepreneurs, local and regional entrepreneurial communities and federal agencies that help researchers take their discoveries from the idea stage to the marketplace.

LSU Physics Professor Launches New AI Space Start-up

LSU Physics Professor Launches New AI Space Start-up

The space between Earth and the moon is estimated to offer a $10 trillion industry opportunity. LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy Assistant Professor Jeffery Chancellor has launched a new start-up company, Atlantis Industries, to join the 21st century space race. Chancellor is a scientist and expert consultant on radiation effects for manned spaceflight and the aerospace industry. Prior to coming to LSU, he briefed NASA astronaut crews on radiation health risks associated with their missions as a senior research engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. At LSU, he and his team of students are advancing space radiation detection and protection for human space travel and space vehicle hardware systems. They have developed three new technologies at LSU that will now be available for commercial and governmental use through Atlantis Industries.

Mallard Bay wins Rice Business Plan Competition

LSU Entrepreneurs Win Funding at World's Largest Student Startup Competition

Students and alumni, who launched the tech startup company called Mallard Bay, were the first entrepreneurs from LSU to compete in the world’s largest student startup competition, the Rice Business Plan Competition, and took home more than $200,000 in prizes earlier this week.

Find Parking On LSU’s Campus With ParkZen App

Find Parking On LSU’s Campus With ParkZen App

Driving through the parking lots at LSU to search for an open parking space can be stressful for students, especially with an enrollment that has surpassed 35,000. To address this, Manos Chatzopoulos, assistant professor of Physics & Astronomy, has developed a free smartphone app to assist drivers in locating available parking on LSU's campus.

LSU DeepDrug graphic

New Covid-19 Treatment Developed By Skymount Medical In Partnership With LSU Approved For Use In Patients In The United Kingdom

Skymount Medical, a drug discovery company using an artificial intelligence, or AI, platform developed by LSU researchers to repurpose and build new drugs, announced today that it has received approval from the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or MHRA, to conduct a human clinical trial of its new oral therapeutic for COVID-19 patients. MHRA serves in a role similar to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the U.K.

Bryan Greenwood

LSU Hires New Louisiana Small Business Development Center State Director

LSU is now the new host organization for the statewide network that provides training and technical support to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Louisiana. Bryan Greenwood is the new state director of the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, or LSBDC, which is a network consisting of 10 regional offices.

Noahiro Kato

Beyond Biodegradable Mardi Gras Beads

Five hundred strands of biodegradable Mardi Gras beads— formulated at LSU and made in Louisiana—will be handed out along parade routes in New Orleans this year as concern over the tens of thousands of pounds of discarded plastic beads and their impact on the environment grows. LSU Department of Biological Sciences Professor Naohiro Kato has been concerned about the problem the excess plastic from Mardi Gras poses for the environment for years; and as a biologist, he is creating solutions.

Fighting Covid-19 With LSU-Developed Artificial Intelligence

Fighting Covid-19 With LSU-Developed Artificial Intelligence

With repeat surges and the emergence of new variants, there is a rising need to continuously and effectively treat—in addition to prevent—COVID-19. While Pfizer and Merck were the first to launch antiviral treatments to ward off severe illness and death last month, another drug—discovered by LSU researchers using artificial intelligence, or AI—could soon become available.