Frequently Asked Questions About the Transition

Why is FMA changing to Screen Arts (SCRN)?

FMA is changing to fit changes in student interest as well as developments within the industry and art form as a whole.  The core of all the degrees remains much the same, with added concentrations to help students pursue focused study. 

Do I have to change my degree?

The SCRN degree is optional for all current students.  You do not need to change if you don’t wish to.

If I switch from FMA to SCRN, can I switch back?

No. The change from FMA to SCRN is permanent and cannot be undone 

Where can I view the critical paths for FMA and SCRN?

The critical path for SCRN is located in the Registrar's 2018-2019 General Catalog. The critical path for FMA is located in the Registrar's 2017-2018 General Catalog.

 How do I change my degree?

To change your degree, please seek academic counseling in the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences. You can find helpful information for scheduling an appointment.  

I want to see courses offered in Fall 2018 for FMA/SCRN. Where should I go?

The courses offered for Fall 2018 can be found in the Registrar's course offerings under the Fall 2018-2019 schedule booklet.  They are listed under the new rubric of SCRN, rather than FMA.

Alternatively, you find these courses listed under our "Courses" tab in this website. 

With whom can I talk about which courses I should take?

To determine which classes are best for you, consider what your strongest interests in the field are. To find out what courses you need consult your degree audit for FMA and compare it to the critical paths in the catalogs as well as the degree outlines on the FMA/SCRN website. If you remain unsure, you may want to seek academic counseling. You can schedule a meeting with HSS counselors in Hodges Hall or contact the FMA/SCRN offices.