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Understanding the AAAS Major 

The African & African American Studies Department (AAAS) at LSU is an interdisciplinary department that promotes critical thinking and challenges students to attain the highest levels of intellectual achievement and personal development through the study of ideas, practices, theories, and experiences of African, African American, and other diasporic communities. 


Interested in exploring the history and experiences of people of African ancestry in the United States and around the world from leading scholars in fields such as religious studies, anthropology, political science, and sociology? As an African & African American Studies student, you will feel a sense of belonging and you will be able to enhance your abilities to think critically and analytically, communicate effectively orally and in written form, understand how you both impact society and are impacted by society, and engage in research that positively impacts people from diverse backgrounds, including people from African heritage in Louisiana, the United States, and globally.


Course Offerings

  • Black Popular Culture
  • Hip Hop and Religion
  • History of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Introduction to African and African American Studies
  • Race Relations
  • The Religious Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
  • Stereotypes