3/2 Joint BS Industrial Engineering (BSIE) / Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

The 3/2 program provides highly capable Industrial Engineering students an option to complete both a BSIE degree and MBA degree in 5 years.  Normally this would take 6 or more years to complete.

To be considered for the program, students must take the GMAT or GRE during their junior year and apply for admission to MBA at end of junior year. As part of the application process, an interview is required with the MBA coordinator and/or admissions committee. While there is a minimum requirement of 3.0 overall GPA and 600 GMAT/314 GRE to apply, special emphasis is given to assessing the student’s maturity and likelihood of success in the 3/2 program, and students with above minimum scores may not be admitted.

If admitted, students pay MBA premium tuition for their final two years. In addition, students must earn a 3.0 or higher on all coursework applied to the MBA program.

The MBA and BSIE degrees would normally be awarded concurrently at the end of the 5th year. Note that you must complete the BSIE degree before or concurrent with the MBA in order to complete the MBA.

Accelerated completion of the two degrees is accomplished by:

  • Students in BSIE accelerate the undergraduate program through advanced placement credit and summer / intersession / independent study work so that most requirements for their BSIE program are met by end of junior year.
  • Up to 9 ch of MBA 7000 level coursework is also applied towards Technical Elective requirement in the BSIE undergraduate curriculum. These courses must be taken while co-enrolled in the MBA.
  • Up to 9 ch of senior level IE coursework eligible for graduate credit is also applied toward the MBA elective requirements. These courses must be taken while co-enrolled in the MBA.
  • Students should conduct an internship during the summer following their senior (4th) year, which will count towards 3ch of MBA elective requirement as well as IE Tech Elective A.

3/2 BS Industrial Engineering & MBA

3/2 Joint BSIE/MBA Program

Freshman Year

•CHEM 1201 General Chemistry I (3)
•CHEM 1202 General Chemistry (3)
•CM 1020 Engineering Graphics for Mechanical Engineering (2)
•IE 1002 Industrial Engineering Fundamentals (3)
•IE 2400 Methods and Systems Engineering (3)
•ENGL 1001 English Composition (3)
•MATH 1550 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (5)
•MATH 1552 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (4)
•PHYS 2110 Particle Mechanics (3)
•PHYS 2108 Introductory Physics Laboratory (1)

•CMST 1061 Fundamentals of Communication (3) or
•CMST 2060 Public Speaking (3)

Total Hours: 33

Freshman Summer and Intersessions

•PHYS 2112 Fluids, Thermodynamics, Waves, and Modern Physics (3)
•General Education arts, humanities, social sciences course (6)

Total Hours: 9

Sophomore Year

•BIOL 1001 General Biology (3) or
•BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors I (3)

•IE 3201 Principles of Engineering Economy (3)
•CE 2450 Statics (3)
•ECON 2030 Economic Principles (3)
•EE 2950 Comprehensive Electrical Engineering (3)
•IE 2060 Introduction to the Use of Computers (3)
•IE 3302 Engineering Statistics (3)
•MATH 2090 Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (4)
•ME 2733 Materials of Engineering (3)
•ME 3633 Manufacturing Processes & Methods (3)

Total Hours: 31

Sophomore Summer and Intersessions

•General Education arts, humanities, social sciences course (6)
•IE Tech Elective A (3)

Total Hours: 9

Junior Year
(take GMAT, apply to MBA)
•CE 3400 Mechanics of Materials (3)
•IE 3520 Supply Chain Logistics I (3)
•IE 4362 Advanced Engineering Statistics (3)
•IE 4453 Quality Control & Six Sigma (3)
•IE 4461 Human Factors Engineering (3)
•IE 4516 Plant and Systems Design (3)

•IE 4113 Information Technology Project Management (3) or
•ISDS 4113 Information Technology Project Management (3)

•IE 4530 Lean Manufacturing Systems (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
•IE 4425 Information Systems Engineering (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
•IE 4520 Supply Chain Logistics II (3) (also counts as MBA elective)
•ENGL 2000 English Composition (3)

Total Hours: 33

Fourth Year - Fall

•BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
•BADM 7020 Managerial Statistics (3)
•BADM 7030 Understanding Financial Information (3) (also counts as IE Tech Elective B)
•BADM 7100 Marketing Administration (3)
•IE 4597 Industrial Engineering Capstone Design I (2)

Total Hours: 12

Fourth Year - Spring

•BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
•BADM 7120 Operations Management (3)
•BADM 7060 Elements of Cost Management (3)
•BADM 7090 Financial Management (3) (also counts as IE Tech Elective B)
•IE 4598 Industrial Engineering Capstone Design II (2)

Total Hours: 12

Award Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Fourth Year - Summer
(after graduation with BSIE)
•BADM 7000 Internship in Business Administration (3)

Total Hours: 3

Fifth Year - Fall

•BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
•BADM 7200 Economic Environment of the Firm (3)
•BADM 7050 Information Systems (3)
•BADM 7070 Understanding Behavior in Organizations (3)
•MBA Elective (2)

Total Hours: 12

Fifth Year - Spring

•BADM 7010 Emerging Business Issues and Practices in a Global Economy (1)
•BADM 7190 Managing Sources of Competitive Advantage (3)
•BADM 7140 Legal Environment of Business (3)

Total Hours: 7


Award Masters of Business Administration