Major Advisor

The Major Advisor assists the student in scheduling courses each semester, in structuring their graduate program, and directs a student's research thesis/dissertation or masters project.

After a student has been admitted to an IE or Engineering Science Graduate Program and arrives on campus, until such time as they select a professor as their Major Advisor, the appropriate Graduate Coordinator will serve as academic advisor. For MSIE, and MSES / PhD-ES students focusing in IE, see Dr. Harvey; for MSES & PhD-ES ITE concentration, see Dr. Knapp. Each graduate student must choose a professor as their Major Advisor by the end of their first semester. The decision to accept the student (or not) rests with the prospective Major Advisor.  When the student has consulted their advisor and a tentative program has been structured, an advisory committee will be formed. The student should form a committee and submit the plan of study to the committee members and the graduate program coordinator prior to the beginning of their second semester. The advisory committee consists of the major advisor and at least two other members of the graduate faculty for MS and 3 for PhD committees. The committee may be tentative. At least one member of the committee must be a "full member" of the graduate faculty. (See the LSU General Catalog). Students who elect a minor should have one member of the advisory committee from the minor department. The program of study ( i.e. , the particular courses the student plans to take) must be approved by the entire advisory committee. The form is available on this website (see Forms link on the menu above) and in the IE office. Any changes to an approved program require written concurrence of the entire committee before the last day for adding a course in that semester.