A Sustaining Partner in the Chair's Circle

ExxonMobil has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department.

ExxonMobil investment includes offering and sponsoring Capstone Design projects, partially funding of Capstone Design projects every year with emphasis on student inspired projects, and contributing funds for graduate Teaching Assistants in support of ME undergraduate lab courses. Furthermore, ExxonMobil also contributes regularly to the ASME Student Chapter, the Formula SAE TigerRacing Student Club, and the MIE Departmental general fund, which supports student and faculty educational and research activities. ExxonMobil also contributes members to the ME Industrial Advisory Council and the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.

Partnership Evidence and Investments

ExxonMobil  Support for Capstone Design Projects Inspired or Solicited by Students (Partial Sponsorship):
  ExxonMobil Champions: Mike Burcham, Mike Borgmeyer

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #12: "Rowing Device for Canoe"
Students: Champagne, Bradley Francis (ME); Champion, Hailey Ann (ME); Chan, Kapan Pan (ME); Lewis, Emily A (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #45: "Campus Campervan"
Students: Alhasani, Hisham Salim (ME); Alvendia, Paul (EE); Armstrong, Dwayne (EE); Crouch, Eric (ME); del Corral, Quinn Paul (ME); Figueroa, Nicolas Patrick (ME); Mohammed, Mohammed (EE); Roberts, Matthew Craig (ME); Thaler, Charles Kieff (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #43: "Beach Accessibility for a Young Woman in a Wheel Chair"
Students: Al Lawati, Qusai Mohammed H (ME); Bordelon, Julian (EE); Jordan, Kyle Keith (ME); Tanh, Brian Sang (ME); VanSickel, Blaize (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #24: "'Chandler's' NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge"
Students: Cabes, Scott (IE); Caruso, Nicholas Paul (ME); Cordero, Dianelis (IE); Cousin, Natalie Claire (ME); Dehesa, Darren Anthony Jr (ME); Edwards, Katheen Mathilde (ME); Elkins, Blake James (ME); Hensarling , Richard  Neal II (ME); Landaiche, Luke Thomas (ME); O'Neal, Hayden R (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Julian wants to play basketball II"
Students: Cates, Taylor Lee (ME); Hu, Wenxiu (EEC); Moncrief, Raigyne (EE); Munoz, David (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #25: "SAE Aero Design (Regular Class)"
Students: Barletter, Benjamin Keith (ME); Hendrickson, Aida Marie (ME); Larouche, Daniel (EE); Mocklin, Gregory I (ME); Namba, Toshiaki (EE); Sehrt, Ethan Taylor (ME); Vo, Andy (EE).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #27: "SAE Mini-Baja"
Students: Alem, Samir Hilmi (ME); Campesi, Jacob D (ME); Figueroa, Adrian Ale (ME); Heaphy, Britain Alexander (ME); Richardson, Ned Ned II (ME); Savoy, Jacob Scott (ME); Tate, Josh Lee (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #46: "LN2 Generator"
Students: Abbott, William  Branch (ME); Andrus, Trent M (ME); Ellefson, Chase (ChE); Gomez-Pineiro, Juan (EEC); Landwehr, Grant (ChE); Luu, Danirl   (EE); Mire, Jonathan (EE); Simms, Jeffrey Ian (ME).

2017-18 ExxonMobil Project/Team #47: "Chem-E Car 2018"
Students: Al-Ajmi, Mustafa Ahmed Huss (ME); Brignac, Nathan (EE); Burchfield, Zachary (EE); Cadigan, Bridget (ChE); Lewis, David Christopher (ME); Quiring, David (ChE); Taylor, Katrina (ChE); Walsh, Matthew Burns (ME).

2016-17 ExxonMobil Project/Team #5: "Vertical, Automated Hydroponics Growing Prototype"
Students: Baudoin, Kevin (ECE); Brumfield, Chase (ME); Enamorado, Sergio (ME); Fairchild, Andrew (ME); Mobley, Joshua (ECE); Ogunniyi, Adeolu (ME); Proctor, Ashton (ECE).

2016-17 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Power Wheel Chair Trainer"
Students: Benoit, Matthew (ECE); Campos, Eric (ME); Chen, Jerry (ECE); D'Antoni, Auldyn (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #6: "Julian wants to Paint"
Students: Coleman, Blake (ECE); Lepkowski, Daniel (ECE); Olsen, Nicholas Riley (ME); St Julien, Jessica East (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Julian wants to play basketball"
Students: Becnel, Brandt James (ME); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Gonthier, Blake A (ME); Hillyard, Spencer Cole (ME); Hirezi, Sameer Daniel (ECE); Nettles, Darriel (ECE); Simoneaux, Jessica Anne (ME); Steib, Marion Jean III (ECE).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #17: "Autonomous Coliform Test Device"
Students: Arnold, Christopher Nathan (ME); Hastings, Jeffrey William (ME); Labat, Jace (ECE); Reed, Phillip (ECE); Rozas, Alec Joan (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #24: "'Chandler's' NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge"
Students: Finnegan, Colin James (ME); Medina, Giselle Marie (ME); Pousson, Evin Mitchell (ME); Pugsley Campbell (ME); Vaccarella, Carson Luke (ME); Werner, Rebecca Crane (ME).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #25: "SAE Aero Design (Regular Class)"
Students: Bossier, Samuel Houston (ME); Chen, Fuwei (ME); Gillen, Collin Andrew (ME); Levy, Robert M (ME); Trosclair, Nicole (ECE); Walsh, Sean Thomas (ME); Young, Alex (ECE).

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #27: "SAE Mini-Baja"
Students: Barrie, Matthew Michael (ME); Carreras, Brandon A (ME); Grace, Michael Kiniry (ME); Jarreau, Ryan M (ME); Kirkland, Daniel M (ME); Massey, John Lucas (ME); Messina, Samuel (ECE); Blough, Derek Michael (ME); Dempsey, Austen Taylor (ME); Greer, Nicholas Alexander (ME); Hamilton, Ricky Tyrone (ME); Rhodes, Rachel Anne (ME); Roy, Austin Patrick (ME).

ExxonMobil  Capstone Design Project and Program contributions and sponsorship

2015-16 ExxonMobil Project/Team #23: "Lightweight Automated Canned Pet Food Dispenser"
ExxonMobil Sponsor: Brian Blades
Students: Cain, Carrington Christyn (ME); Carr, Kathryn Marie (ME); Esteve, Aaron Joseph (ME); Nguyen, Minh (ECE); Pyles, Jessica Lauren (ME); Ricks, Mikel George (ME); Smitherman, Jacob (ECE).

2010-11 ExxonMobil Project/Team #1: "Next Generation Paint-Ball Gun"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Brian Blades, Mr. James Frens, Mr. Darryl Pope.
Students: Gilbert, John (ME); Gilbert, Nicholas (ME); Mathews, Edwin (ME).

2010-11 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Test Rig For Characterization of Elastomeric Couplings"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Phil Knieper, Michael Wright.
Students: Arnondin, Matthew (ME); Barleycorn, David (ME); Burford, Todd (ME); Castagnos, Jess (ME); Lagarde, Lee (ME); Skal, Brant (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #8: "Temporary Piping Flange Clamp For Hot Bolting"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. C. Bush; Mr. Clifford Hay.
Students: Allen, Jared (ME); Bastidas, Fernando (ME); Bauer, Gary (ME); Bergman, Hans (ME); Le, Truc (ME); O'Callahan, Ryan (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #7: "Rolling Element Bearing Test Facility"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Chris Zielewski.
Students: Blouin, Brett (ME); Bocock, Brittany (ME); Campbell, Andrew (ME); Celestin, Carey (ME); McCloskey, Mitchel (ME).

2009-10 ExxonMobil Project/Team #3: "Mobile Deer Stand"
ExxonMobil Sponsors: Mr. Brian Blades, Mr. James Frens, Mr. Darryl Pope.
Students: Beard, Elizabeth (ME); Fry, Mark (ME); Toujouse, Eric (ME); Tourres, Jack (ME).

ExxonMobil  ME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses.

ME2733 - Materials; Spring 2017; ExxonMobil Section TA: Tatiana Thompson Mello
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Walker, Eamonn
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Jessee, Robert
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Kinler, Ryan
ME4244 - Machine Design II; Spring 2015; ExxonMobil Section TA: Hugget, Daniel
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2012; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2010; ExxonMobil Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4244 - Machine Design II; Spring 2010; ExxonMobil Section TA: Maha, Amit

ExxonMobil  ExxonMobil Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering Students:

2011-12 ExxonMobil Scholar - Scheibal, Samuel