Meet Eryn Kennedy, Stamps Scholar

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Headshot of Eryn KennedyName: Eryn Kennedy
Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2020

Why did you choose to attend LSU?
Growing up on LSU’s campus at the LSU Laboratory School and having a father as a professor, I always knew that LSU was a well-respected research institution. After attending Scholars Weekend, this perception was enhanced when I realized the opportunities that LSU could give me personally. From the amazing community within the Honors College to the prestigious research work that I could start as early as freshman year, LSU was the clear choice. 

How have you used, or how do you intend to use your Stamps Scholar enrichment funds?
I intend to use my Stamps Scholar enrichment funds to study around the world, attend academic conferences, and immerse myself in as many new experiences as possible as an undergraduate. I am considering going to Australia with LSU’s chemical engineering program and staying with a host family in France to take advantage of the French I learned in high school. I would love to use my funds to present my research at academic conferences. 

What are your future career aspirations?
My goal as a chemical engineer is to approach every project with an environmentally conscious viewpoint and advocate for policies that protect our environment. The research that I am currently conducting deals with extracting dangerous pollutants from water. In the future, I hope to see a moral responsibility from big chemical companies and that they take great strides to aid the climate crisis. 

What would you say to the donors of LSU, specifically the Stamps Scholarship Program?
Thank you so much for providing me access to an undergraduate education with no financial burdens and with a plethora of opportunities to dream. I look forward to the many study abroad adventures that I will experience, all while receiving a world-class education. The networking that has been established through the Stamps Scholarship Program is something that I am incredibly honored to take part in. I am excited to represent LSU and the Stamps Scholarship Program as I journey through my undergraduate experience.


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