Meet Emmaline Miller, Stamps Scholar

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Headshot of Emmaline MillerName: Emmaline Miller
Hometown: Lafayette, La.
Major: Chemical Engineering and Entrepreneurship 
Graduation Year: 2022

What extracurricular programs are you involved in?
I am involved with microfluidic research using cancer cells, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, CEOs at LSU, Freshman Leadership Council, and Society of Women Engineers. I am also the founder of the youth poetry and literacy program Poets for Life. 

What is your proudest accomplishment at LSU so far, and what goals do you have?
My proudest accomplishment so far is becoming involved with undergraduate research and working with Community Bound. I am excited to work toward co-authoring published works on cancer cell responses to fluid shear stress. Additionally, my goal for my community service involvement is to continue to be an active part in advancing poetry and literacy skills at after school programs in the greater Baton Rouge area. 

How do you intend to use your Stamps Scholar enrichment funds?
I would like to use my enrichment funds to help pay for an internship in the future. I also plan to travel to a Spanish-speaking country to improve my fluency and round out a minor in Spanish. Both an internship and a Spanish minor are parts of my goal to help improve international health disparities with economical, novel solutions.

How has your enrollment in the Ogden Honors College enhanced your LSU experience?
I have had amazing opportunities to speak with our shared class read author Gary Younge and participate in Community Bound since starting at LSU. The support staff in the Ogden Honors College are like no other, and the special programming is a wonderful opportunity to become a more involved member of society.

What are your future career aspirations?
I would like to pursue a graduate degree either in business or chemical engineering. My ultimate goal is to develop sustainable and innovative ways of dealing with health crises and diagnosis in developing nations.

How has an Ogden Honors College faculty or staff member made a difference in your time at LSU?
Ms. Cindy Seghers has made a huge impact on me from day one. She has provided insightful guidance and is a willing coconspirator on my personal literacy and service projects.  

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