Meet Dustin Boutte Jr., President's Millennial Scholar

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Headshot of Dustin Boutte Jr.

Name: Dustin Boutte Jr.
Hometown: New Iberia, La.
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Year: 2019

What does “diversity” mean to you?
I believe that diversity is not only recognizing that there are people different from you, but understanding that with that difference comes a difference in personalities and beliefs that must be accepted and embraced. 

How do you promote diversity?
I can do my part to promote diversity by continuing to advertise the President’s Millennial Scholars’ Program as one that brings people from different walks life, each individual looking to better the world around them through their ideas. 

What makes you a unique candidate for the President’s Millennial Scholars’ Program?
I’m a dreamer. In everything I do, I dream big and expect amazing results. 

How do you hope the President’s Millennial Scholars’ Program will enhance your college experience?
I hope that the program will enhance my experience by continuing the professional development meetings and having us constantly talk with our faculty mentors to prepare us for what lies ahead in the long road to a degree.

What impact does the financial support provided through this scholarship have for you?
The financial support has made a major impact, especially with helping me to purchase books needed for class. 

What is your favorite memory from the President’s Millennial Scholars’ Program so far?
My favorite memory so far is having the opportunity to tour the Port of New Orleans and take the amazing boat ride up and down the Mississippi River. 

What are your academic and professional goals?
Academically, my goal is to graduate at the top of the chemical engineering department. Professionally, I want to use the critical thinking skills gained by being in engineering to dedicate my life to public service through politics. 

Why did you choose to attend LSU?
I chose to attend LSU because it offers me the opportunity to be a part of one of the best engineering programs in the country.

What has been your favorite experience as an LSU student?
My favorite experience was working for the Tiger Athletic Foundation and providing hospitality to the unique characters that showed up in the club section of Tiger Stadium. Those nights spent in Death Valley with those passionate fans were really fun!

Tell me about a person you’ve met at LSU who has made a difference in your experience here.
The person who made the greatest difference in my experience here was the first professor I ever had, Dr. Skylar Gremillion. He was able to help ease my worries about my first semester in college and encouraged me to work hard because, as he said, college is “nothing like high school.”

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