Meet Byron Hansley, President's Millennial Scholar

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Byron Hansley Jr.

Name: Byron Hansley Jr.
Hometown: Paulina, La. 
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Graduation Year: 2024

Why did you choose to attend LSU?
I chose LSU because it is one of the top schools for chemical engineering in Louisiana. LSU has also shaped phenomenal leaders such as Shaquille O’Neal and Renee Horton, who have inspired me with their outstanding achievements. 

What did your selection as a President’s Millennial Scholar mean to you and your family?
My selection has meant so much to my father and me because he has shown never-ending selflessness to provide for me. My father was very proud that I met the qualifications to serve as a member of such a prestigious program.

What impact do the financial support, academic resources, development opportunities, and mentorship provided through this scholarship have for you?
 It takes the pressure off of my father financially because he doesn’t have to work extraneous hours at a second job. It also relieves me of being stressed about how I will afford college.

Why is academic and workplace diversity still important?
Academic and workplace diversity is important because we get to meet people from different backgrounds and teach each other our ways of life.

What are your academic and professional goals?
My educational goal is to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. My professional goals are to work at a plant and grow into my role as a chemical engineer.

What is your favorite memory from the President’s Millennial Scholars Program so far?
My favorite memory from the President’s Millennial Scholars program so far was the orientation where we all met and shared our goals. 

How has a fellow President’s Millennial Scholar, or an Office of Diversity staff member, made a difference in your experience here?
Tori Press, PMSP graduate assistant, has encouraged me to never stop believing in my overall goal of becoming the president in 2040, no matter the obstacles I may face, and to continue to be myself in anything I may endeavor. 

How have you offered mentorship and guidance to a fellow President’s Millennial Scholar?
I plan to provide mentorship and guidance to future President’s Millennial Scholars by encouraging them to take on every opportunity and never stop becoming the best version of themselves.



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