Information for PK–12 School Principals and Administrators

STEM Pathways for PK–12

  • This program provides access to over 24 project-based middle and high school STEM courses as well as STEM modules for the elementary grades. It prepares students for college and a wide array of careers, in particular those in biomedical sciences, computing, digital design, emergent media, and engineering.
  • Currently, the program serves over 6,400 students at 91 Louisiana schools: 11 elementary, 21 middle, and 59 high.
  • Everyone benefits
    • School districts receive additional CTE/CDF funding, earn accountability points for industry-based certifications and dual enrollment credit, and bolster their strength of diploma and interests & opportunities indices.
    • Teachers discover new ways to engage their students and earn STEM certifications for expanded career options, including graduate certification opportunities.
    • Students obtain access to exciting material and earn a state- approved STEM seal on their school diploma, which enhances their post-graduation career and educational opportunities, including LSU scholarships.

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Dual Enrollment for 9–12

  • Students take LSU courses from the convenience of their high school classroom—facilitated by their teacher—and earn both LSU and high school credit at the same time.
  • In the 2022-23 academic year, 32 high schools are currently partnering with LSU to offer DE courses.
  • Reasons to offer dual enrollment at your school:
    • Provide students an enhanced education with broad post-graduation career and educational options, including a head start on college;
    • Provide equitable and robust high school experiences for all learners who are in the classroom;
    • Provide teachers with training and course content certification, at no cost, taught by LSU faculty;

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Quality Science and Mathematics (QSM) Grants for PK–12

  • Earn up to $1,000 (PK–8) or $1,500 (9–12) per year, per teacher, for your school.
  • Better align your course offerings with state or district course guidelines for engineering, computer science, and related STEM courses.
  • Purchase re-usable educational materials and equipment to:
    • Improve equity and accelerate learning for students who need more support in your school;
    • Simplify the teaching-learning process by supporting targeted content development;
    • Strengthen your school's potential to meet Louisiana Science and Mathematics Standards.

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