What's in Season?

Mother Nature may not always cooperate! Please call us to inquire about seasonal blooms and produce availability.

photo: camellia

Camellias (Dec. - March)

We are proud to be apart of the Gulf Coast Camellia Trail Gardens. Camellia varieties from the private collection of Vi and Hank Stone were planted in the gardens. The collection includes 200 different varieties including the Stone Progeny, Higo, Orientals and Sasanquas. This collection continues to grow as new introductions are added. The Baton Rouge Camellia Society has its base at the Botanic Gardens. We ask that you do not pick any of the flowers on our property, but you are more than welcome to take pictures after reviewing our Photography Policy.

photo: daffodil

Daffodils (March - April)

Under the pine trees are yellow, orange and white beauties planted next to the tulips in front of the Visitor Information Center in early spring. They usually bloom for about three weeks depending on how warm the weather is.

photo: honeycomb

Honey (Year-round)

We have the freshest honey in all of Baton Rouge! The bee hives in the back of our facility produce honey all year round. You can purchase a pint for $15 or a quart for $20 at the front desk of our Visitor Information Center. Our bees pollinate a variety of plants including azaleas, satsumas, figs, camellias, muscadines, clovers and roses.

We are temporarily out of Burden honey until mid-April 2024.

close up of iris blooms in pond

Irises (March - April)

Many different varieties of this prized native flower are on display throughout our property. The largest showcase is located around the Black Swamp Trail Boardwalk and the Barton Arboretum Pond. There were once vast native stands of Louisiana irises throughout the state as they often grow in wetland environments like swamps or bogs. If you are looking for a unique photography spot, this is the perfect area. Review our Photography Policy and book your session today.

photo: mums

Mums (Sept. - Nov.) 

Garden mums are among the most popular plants for a fall landscape. We spice-up almost all of our flowerbeds with these mounding balls of color in late September and throughout the month of October. Join us on Saturdays for our family fun Corn Maze Festival and look out your car windows to see these bright beauties around our Visitor Information Center and Orangerie

rows of pink, white, and red poinsettias in greenhouse

Poinsettias (Dec.)

The love and care for our poinsettias begins with planting in July. Housing new varieties every year, you are sure to find a poinsettia that fits your need. Our annual Poinsettia Sale takes place the first Saturday in December. Here you can buy poinsettia trees, princettias and poinsettias in reds, pinks and whites. Learn more about our Poinsettia Show and Sale.

rose garden

Roses (April - June & Aug. - Nov.)

Roses of all colors are located in our Rose Garden across from the Orangerie. Our rose bushes sporadically bloom throughout April and November with concentrated periods in April, May and October. The roses on the left of the garden is for display and the ones on the right are for trials. Two trial programs are a part of our gardens: the American Garden Rose Selections and the American Rose Trials for Sustainability. Please do not pick any of the roses, but you are more than welcome to take pictures after reviewing our Photography Policy.  

photo: satsumas

Satsumas (Oct. - Dec.)

About two acres of satsumas provide a special treat for the attendees of our annual Corn Maze Festival! You can pick these on the Hayride stop every Saturday of October. Learn more about our Corn Maze Festival.  

field of multibloom sunflowers

Sunflowers (June - Oct.)

Come and visit one of the most popular photography spots on our grounds! This one acre field blooms June through October in our Food and Fiber Research Fields. You can also check out our beautiful cosmos next to the bright sunflowers. We ask that you do not pick any of the flowers on our property, but you are more than welcome to take pictures after reviewing our Photography Policy.

bird of paradise flower

Tropicals (June - Oct.)

Tucked underneath the canopy of spruce pines, this collection of tropical plant varieties will not disappoint. Located adjacent to the Visitor Information Center parking, you will see the lush green garden pop from winter dormancy in May and have a summer-long show of tropical plants that thrive in our climate. Rare and unusual gingers, bromeliads, plumeria, cycads, bananas, leopard plants, calathea, and even a few voodoo lilies bloom along the gravel path. There is much to explore in this small space so take your time and look closely at these tropical wonders of the world.

photo: tomatoes

Tomatoes (May - June)

We sell our vine-ripened tomatoes in the Visitor Information Center for $5 per pound. The tomatoes are usually dropped off in the lobby of the Visitor Information Center on Mondays around lunchtime. Please note that dates may vary. Call us for more information.

pink tulips

Tulips (Feb. - March)

We plant 2,000 tulips every spring in the flower beds located in the front of our property. In the past we have planted many varieties including Mentons, Pink and Red Impressions, Black Nights and El Ninos. World’s Favorite tulips always decorate the Visitor Information Center with reds and oranges. Although they only last for two weeks, these flowers are sure to brighten up your day! We ask that you do not pick any of the flowers on our property, but you are more than welcome to take pictures after reviewing our Photography Policy.