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Nature Learning Activities

Welcome to our At-Home Resources and Field Trips Page! We strive to provide teachers and parents with lesson plans and interactive activities that meet National Standards in education. We understand that the paperwork involved in preparing for science projects and field trips can be a time-consuming, daunting process. Our hope is that the educational information presented will reduce preparation and provide exciting activities to use in the classroom and at home.



Objectives for Teacher-guided Adventurers Program

Foresters Program Objectives

Explorers Program Objectives

Dragonflies Program Objectives

Lesson Plans:

Kindergarten Science - Trees and Trails

First Grade - Trees and Trails

Second Grade - Trees and Trails

Third Grade - Trees and Trails

Fourth Grade - Trees and Trails

Fifth Grade - Trees and Trails

Sixth Grade - Trees and Trails

Seventh Grade - Trees and Trails

Eighth Grade - Trees and Trails