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Effective immediately, the LSU IACUC has instituted the following important changes in the animal protocol approval process:

Animal Use Protocols will only be required at the time of submission of a grant application if the funding agency requires it. If the funding agency (e.g. NIH and NSF) does not require protocol approval until a grant application is approved for an award, you do not need to submit a protocol before that time. The investigator will determine whether an approved protocol is required at the time of grant submission or only at the time of grant award.

It is recommended that when you know that a grant application is going to be funded, you then submit an animal use protocol. The Office of Sponsored Programs cannot accept or release funds until the protocol has been approved. 

Even if a protocol is not required at the time of grant application, Ms. Krista Adams in DLAM is required to sign your electronic routing sheet. she will indicate "Just-In-Time" for "Vertebrate Animals" use. The OSP cannot process your grant application unless they know that a protocol is not needed until the award is made.

These changes do not affect projects for which funds are already in hand (e.g. departmental funds), or as indicated above, for grant applications for which animal use protocols are required by the funding agency at the time of grant submission (e.g. USDA and others).

Remember that you must have an approved animal use protocol before animals can be obtained or used for teaching or research purposes, regardless of funding source.

If you anticipate that a grant application will be funded and there may be a short "turn-around" time between notification and establishment of an account (e.g. internal awards), you can request that the IACUC review your protocol before the award is made.

At the time you submit an animal use protocol, you will also be asked to submit one copy of any grant(s) funding the work described in the protocol. The University must assure the federal government that all of the animal work described in your grant(s) is covered under an approved Animal Use Protocol. We will do a sided-by-side comparison of your grant(s) and animal use protocol(s) to verify congruency and meet this requirement. The animal use protocol will not be approved by the IACUC until congruency has been verified.

Clearly, these changes are intended to: 1) eliminate the need for investigators to write animal use protocols for projects that are never funded; 2) reduce the time spent by the IACUC members reviewing and discussing protocols; and 3) establish a mechanism to assure that animal use described in grants is covered by an approved animal use protocol, in accordance with federal law.